FIDDLE LEAF FIG -Ficus lyrata


Keep your Fiddle Leaf Fig in bright indirect light. This plant will not tolerate low light and its leaves will eventually yellow. Close to an eastern window or acclimated to the direct light from a southern window is ideal.


Water when the top 50%-75% of the soil is dry. Water until liquid flows through the drainage hole at the bottom of the pot and discard any water that has accumulated in the saucer.


The Fiddle Leafe Fig does fine in average household humidity, but won’t mind an extra humidity boost.


Your Ficus enjoys average room temperatures of 60-80 degrees F. Avoid drafty areas or open vents.


For best results, feed your fig once a month from spring through summer with a general houseplant fertilizer for indoor plants.


Fiddle Leaf Figs are toxic to humans and pets if ingested.

When pruning your plant, be careful of the milky latex substance that may leak out where cuts have occurred – this is a mildly toxic irritant. If you get sap on your hands and/or skin, wash with warm water and soap immediately.