Our History

Flourishing Since 1943

For approximately 80 years, Breen's Florist has been serving the community of Houston, TX. Since its earliest days, the shop has been family owned and operated, as it was purchased in 1986 by current owner Marcia Wilson's father. The one-time engineer brought his keen mechanical eye to the business of selling flowers, although he didn't know a thing about them. "I'll learn," he said, and he did!

The shop blossomed, and Marcia eventually joined the business full-time, working side-by-side with her dad. Over time, multiple stores were established in order to better serve as much of the city and its outskirts as possible. While the two generations saw Houston evolve, Breen's Florist remained a reliable touchstone through the decades. The flower shop was, and will always, be there for every customer, ever ready to build lasting relationships. Breen's Florist perfected the art of knowing what to offer for every occasion, big or small.

Today, Breen's Florist counts four locations within its fold and enjoys a reputation for providing outstanding customer service and fresh, long-lasting flowers.