Sometimes cheaper isn't better. At Breen's Florist, your flowers are hand delivered ready to enjoy the moment they arrive. This is why "Buying Local" is always your best choice when in comes to flowers.

Your local florist has the freshest flowers in town with deliveries from the growers and wholesalers daily. They are hand processed and each flower that goes into one our bouquets are hand picked so that only the prettiest of the bunch goes out.

BE LOCAL BUY LOCAL - You know your hairdresser by name... You know the girls at the boutique you go to... You know the staff at your favorite restaurant... That is what local is all about. It is making you feel like a friend, not a number. Our customers love to call and speak to their favorite sales person, who remembers that you love sunflowers. We call you and remind you of your anniversary because we know you can get super busy and forget. That's LOCAL.

Do you know who owns the big corporate online retailers and grocery stores? Shareholders!

Who owns Breen's Florist? Marcia Wilson, along with her parents Jim and Georgia Adam.
The names and the faces of everyday people who come to work with a smile on their face and they sell flowers that put smiles on people's faces daily. The Breen's team (oras we like to call it, FAMILY)consists offather and daughters, sister-in-laws, nephews, and good friends.

Whether you buy from Breen's Florist, or another local florist, you are supporting your local community, who in turn support you and your local business. Without local business, we would all be mass produced clones of each other. Support your community!