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Posted by Breens Florist on January 19, 2020 | Last Updated: October 20, 2022 Blog

Yes, Men Do Like Flowers as a Gift for Valentine’s!

Women often avoid ordering flowers for their guys, thinking that they’re too feminine of a gift, but that’s entirely untrue. Men actually appreciate receiving flowers from their leading ladies, and our expert florists at Breen’s Florist in Houston are here to help you choose the perfect floral arrangement to make your man feel extra special this Valentine’s Day.

The Best Floral Valentine’s Gifts for Him


Lovely and serene as a Zen garden, this exquisite bouquet of white roses, lilies and hydrangea in a natural bamboo vase is a gift of love that will be long remembered.

Sweet Desire

1. Low and Compact

When it comes to choosing a floral arrangement for a man, we recommend going with looks that feature straight lines and low, compact designs. Our Sweet Desire arrangement features the perfect combination of natural textures and muted colors with all-white flowers and tropical greenery sleekly arranged in a natural bamboo vase. This design is perfect for any man, but especially for someone who works in an office because it will look great on his desk.



With tall bamboo and birds of paradise complemented by a stunning mix of tropical orange flowers and greenery in a graceful bamboo container, this bouquet is it.

Exotic Grace

2. Exotic Blooms

Men also tend to prefer exotic flowers with interesting blooms, like the birds of paradise in our Exotic Grace arrangement. Paired with a monochromatic accompaniment of lilies, alstroemeria, bamboo, and greenery this grand design will make an impact and is sure to impress your recipient.






When you are appreciative for everything they do and for everything they are, then our vase of spray roses is perfect. Color of spray roses will vary based on availability.


3. Monochrome

Bouquets featuring a single color or single type of flower are great options for male recipients. For example, these Enchanted spray roses in all orange are cheerful, invigorating, and sure to be loved by your sweetheart.






Our Lone Star roses has everything to represent US... Yellow Roses for the Yellow Rose of Texas, delphinium represents the bluebonnets that grow on the sides of our roads, and the accent of solidago represents our wildflowers. BEAUTIFUL!

Lone Star Roses

4. Primary Colors

If you know your beau would prefer more than one color tone in his design, we recommend sticking with bright, primary colors and avoiding more delicate pastels. Combinations of blue delphinium and yellow roses like that found in the Lone Star Roses bouquet are a wonderful choice for a man.






Stunning green cymbidium orchid blooms are featured in this desktop black ceramic cube with our signature Twilight roses to the cube.

Twilight Orchid Noir

5. The Right Shade of Pink

While we don’t recommend most shades of pink flowers for men, we do have a special twilight rose that’s just the perfect color of exotic for Valentine’s delivery. Paired with orchids in a sleek, cube-shaped vase, these pink roses are great for a guy.





Why Choose Flowers for Valentine’s Day?

If you’re hoping your man feels extra-romantic and maybe even opens up to you more this Valentine’s Day, then flowers are absolutely the right choice of gift. Studies have shown that men actually become more communicative after receiving flowers, which means the right floral arrangement might be exactly what you need to start talking about taking your relationship to the next level.

Where to Get the Best Valentine’s Flowers for Him

When ordering flowers, we always recommend choosing a local florist, rather than a national flower delivery company. When you order locally, you’ll always receive a high-quality product and exceptional customer service. We stand behind every design that leaves our doors and does everything we can to satisfy all of our customers. Plus, you’ll never get an unexpected processing charge or delivery fee.

If you’re not sure what type of floral arrangement would be best for the special guy in your life, we welcome you to contact us or stop by our flower shop to speak with an expert at Breen’s Florist. We’ll make sure you pick a design that your Valentine will love!