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Posted by Breens Florist on December 11, 2023 | Last Updated: December 18, 2023 Blog

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Thoughtful Flowers and Plants for Men

Women often avoid ordering flowers for their guys, thinking that they’re too feminine of a gift, but that’s entirely untrue. Men actually appreciate receiving flowers just as much as women do. In fact, according to the Society of America Florists, 60% of men would love to be gifted fresh flowers. The unfortunate news is that a mere 12% of men ever receive flowers in their lifetime, a statistic found by Interflora. If you’re hoping your man feels extra-romantic and maybe even opens up to you more this Valentine’s Day, then flowers are absolutely the right choice. Studies have shown that men actually become more communicative after receiving flowers, which means a fresh floral arrangement might be exactly what you need to start talking about taking your relationship to the next level. The expert florists at Breen’s Florist, the best flower shop in Houston, are here to help you choose the perfect plants and blooms to make your man feel extra special this Valentine’s Day.

Green Houseplants

On Valentine’s Day, present him with a gift that grows alongside your relationship—a lush green plant. This thoughtful gesture offers a myriad of health benefits as green plants can alleviate his stress, purify the air he breathes, improve his mood, and boost his overall well-being. It’s a meaningful symbol of care and happiness.


If you’re looking for a plant that is easy to care for and perfect for his apartment, office, or other small space, then consider a succulent. Ideal for the busy man or the man who has yet to develop a green thumb, succulents store water in their stems and leaves and are a symbol of resilience. Able to thrive in unfavorable conditions, succulents reflect the enduring nature of your love and relationship.

Flowering Plants

Bring a touch of peaceful elegance to Valentine’s Day with a blooming plant like a white orchid. More than a fresh piece of sophisticated decor, white orchids are a research-backed oasis of calm that reduces anxiety. Orchids are easy to care for and their potential for longevity makes them a living symbol of love’s capacity to flourish year after year, just as the orchid re-blooms with time.

Bright Blooms

Shake up Valentine’s Day with a bouquet that pops with blooms in passionate reds, exuberant oranges, and joyful yellows. These warm and bold hues capture the attention of men like no other and reflect the love, cheerfulness, and positivity your man brings to your life. Of course, if there is a color that he simply loves or a favorite flower that reminds him of a fond memory you share, be sure to include those and let each bloom shout your affection in a way words never could.

Red Roses

Turn tradition on its head and surprise your man with timeless tokens of passion on Valentine’s Day. Red roses are a testament to the fact that romance is a shared dance, a feeling that wraps around every soul. The deep crimson hue and enchanting scent of roses strike a universal chord in all of us, sparking joy and a romantic warmth. It’s an expression of love that will resonate long after the day is over.

If you’re not sure what type of floral arrangement would be best for the special guy in your life, the experts at Breen’s Florist will make sure you find a design that your Valentine will love!