A Garden-Inspired Gift For Bosses Day

Put this on the company calendar: October 16 is Bosses Day, an occasion to honor those who mentor, inspire and otherwise guide us at work. Our fearless leaders are often undersung, so National Bosses Day is a unique opportunity to ensure that they know just how appreciated they are. In fact, it was an appreciative employee who first proposed the occasion in 1958, paving the way for a pleasant workplace celebration that we here at Breen’s Florist have just the thing for.

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Desktop Flowers & Plants for Administrative Professionals Week

Administrative Professionals Week

Behind every successful business are a few really organized support personnel – and in April, as we celebrate Administrative Professionals Week, you have the opportunity to give these superstars their due. Maybe you are thinking of the friendly receptionist who puts your clients at ease. Perhaps a personal assistant who never lets you miss a meeting comes to mind. In fact, there are likely many hard-working, unsung heroes in your organization. You couldn’t imagine running a business without them. So for all they do, Breen’s Florist has the floral designs and gifts you need to show your appreciation.

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Floral Secret Santa Gifts that Impress

secret santa

Secret Santa gift exchanges are a great way for offices – or a group of friends – to keep the holiday spirit of giving alive while not spending a lot of money. Without having to buy for everyone, you can concentrate on making one person’s holiday extra special. This year, instead of wandering the mall looking to be inspired, we suggest browsing through Breen’s Florist holiday gift guide. After all, everyone loves receiving flowers!
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Teacher and Classroom Gifts They’ll Love

classroom giftFrom Houston to Bellaire, teachers are preparing for the return of students after a long and relaxing summer.  As exciting as it is, back-to-school can be a tough adjustment for everyone involved. Whether or not the children are  ready to come back, the educators have been decorating classrooms and writing lesson plans throughout the summer months. In order to thank them for all their work already, as well as to wish them a great school year, classroom gifts are the perfect way to let them know you support them.

classroom gifts

Encouragement comes in many forms, be it flowers, plants or gift baskets. For instance, these lovely calla lilies will make a dramatic addition to the teacher’s desk on the first day of school; you may also wish to send this graceful arrangement to the school administrators to display at the front desk to greet visitors as they enter. For a more simple display that will fit easily and elegantly on the teacher’s desk, this classic orchid plant will earn top grades.

classroom giftsDue to their ability to stimulate productivity and encourage better concentration, green plants make excellent classroom gifts. This desktop spathiphyllum, more commonly known as a peace lily, will filter toxins from the air – and will thrive when positioned in indirect sunlight. The kids will love watching the trademark white flower bloom, and this beautiful plant will likely become a classroom favorite. Potted attractively in moss and rocks, the teacher may even be able to use for a science lesson!

classroom gifts

Don’t forget to send gifts to your college students as well – whether a green plant for their dorm room or a gourmet gift basket for late night studying! There are so many reasons at this time of the year to show your support and give good wishes. At Breen’s Florist, we would love to help. Browse our site, or come in to speak with one of our professional designers. We hope all teachers and students have a fantastic year.

Graduation Flowers 2016

graduation flowersThis May and June, over 6 million students will walk down the aisle and across the stage to receive their diploma. Whether high school commencement or master’s degree, seeing the fruition of one’s hard work is always a proud occasion. With so many people reaching this milestone annually, the chances are excellent that you know a few of them right here in Houston. When selecting a gift that will give beautiful recognition to your graduates, ask the experts at Breen’s Florist for advice and inspiration.

Since ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, we have records of humanity attaching sentiments to specific flowers, and using them to convey messages of love, pride, and admiration. The species of flowers you utilize to design your bouquets can tell a story to your loved ones who are graduating. For instance, the regal and towering gladioli flower signifies courage and victory; and the purple iris indicates a recognition that the recipient is wise. Palm fronds and laurel leaves are used to exhibit honor and accomplishment and make an interesting greenery backdrop.

Roses are always a popular bloom for any occasion, and graduations are no exception. Each color of rose holds a deep meaning, and most are appropriate for graduation bouquets. The most common is a yellow rose bouquet, which represents that the recipient has reached the highest mark of distinction. Orange roses convey pride, pink roses speak to admiration, and lavender roses show respect for a job well done.

Graduation is a treasured time in the life of a student. They deserve respect for all their hard work and dedication over the years. Make sure your loved ones know just how proud you are of them. For graduation day, birthdays or any occasion this spring – Breen’s is your source for all things floral.

How to Use Our Fruit and Gourmet Baskets to Spread Happiness

We’re sure that we all know someone who has been affected by the Houston flooding. Just when we start to think that there’s an end in sight, the weather authorities advise us to brace for more inclement weather. You can count on Breen’s Florist to help you share your friendly or neighborly thoughts, birthday greetings, Mother’s Day love, or personal concern with gifts of fruit and gourmet food treats.

gourmet basketsWe can’t think of a better time to tell your local friends and family members how much you care about them than with a fruit or gourmet food basket. We guarantee that your our To Have and To Share Basket will cheer any Houstonian up because you can’t go wrong when you give a gift of chocolate. This basket features two of everything while balancing the healthy component with some fun treats. There are two bags of chocolate covered pretzels, two boxes of Sanders dark chocolate covered candies, and two packages of Foley’s choco mints. The basket also has two rows of oranges and two rows of apples, one of which holds green apples, and the other is filled with red apples.

gourmet basketsSend someone in another state, a thoughtful and healthy gift. The Juicy Fruit Basket is full of healthy nutrients and deliciousness. We don’t know of anyone who wouldn’t enjoy a sweet, juicy, flavorful treat. The basket is stacked to capacity with grapefruits, oranges, and red or yellow apples. Floral accents dress up the rustic basket, making this the perfect gift for a man or woman, or for a family or group of people.

gourmet basketsWhether you want to express your gratitude to a colleague, family member, friend or neighbor, or send you mother or mother-in-law a unique Mother’s Day gift that will cater to her love of delicious gourmet treats, you can’t go wrong with our bountiful Food ‘N Fun Basket. This flavorful basket overflows with a variety of gourmet crackers, toasted almonds, delicious biscotti, olives, an array of cheeses to go with the crackers, sausage, and other tasty goodies.

As the end of the school year approaches, you may be attending graduations. If you have friends or family members who have upcoming birthdays, consider giving them a different type of gift – in the form of a fruit and gourmet food basket. Everyone has to eat, and most people love to receive special food treats that they might not buy for themselves. A gift of food is ideal for every impossible-to-please recipient.

The Best Flowers for Friendship Week

friendship weekNational Friendship Week takes place during the third week of August 2015. It starts on August 16 and continues until August 22. Breen’s Florist is always thrilled to create arrangements that are suitable for special occasions, and Friendship Week is certainly one of those.

The idea for a single Friendship Day began in 1930 when the founder of Hallmark Cards, Joyce Hall, began to promote the day. Her idea was to encourage people to acknowledge friendships, and to do so by sending cards. Ultimately, August 2 was chosen as Friendship Day because it fell midway between major holidays.

We don’t know how it went from a single day event to a week-long national week of observance. However, it happened, it’s become a week during the dog days of summer when people are encouraged to recognize their friends. We think that flowers are the ideal way to show someone you value and appreciate their friendship.

We’ve come up with a two ideas that we believe are a perfect reflection of the way Texans show their friends their appreciation, gratitude, and fondness.

friendship week

Yellow Rose Pave

If you want to show your gratitude to a Texas friend, especially if for a romantic friendship, there is no better way to accomplish that than with our Yellow Rose Pave Arrangement. This spectacular arrangement comes in a sleek white ceramic cube. We nestle beautiful yellow roses with elegant Cymbidium orchids. This luxurious arrangement is sure to let someone know that you think of him or her as more than a friend.

friendship week

Protea Paradise

If you want something that blends elegance and sophistication with a bit of whimsical abandon, then our Protea Paradise arrangement fits the bill to a T. We choose pincushion Proteas to give the arrangement a dramatic look that combines contrast and texture.

Don’t forget to show your friends how much they mean to you. Order your flowers for National Friendship Week.


Make Someone Smile Week

make someone smileNow entering its sixteenth year, Make Someone Smile® Week began as a Teleflora sponsored charity event in the floral industry. Florists from across the country eagerly participate because it gives them a chance to cheer people up with flowers. From the start, the unwavering goal has always centered on making people smile, and in particular, reaching out to people who might feel like they are forgotten, or those who are alone, isolated, hospitalized or confined to nursing homes and other facilities. This fun yearly event takes place during the week of July 19 through July 25. Everyone at Breen’s Florist is thrilled to be involved in an event that spreads happiness to people through the sharing of flowers.

Houston is home to some of the most distinguished hospitals in the country – if not the world. People travel to places like M.D. Anderson because it is known as a world-class cancer research and care facility. We are sure that any patient receiving care there could stand to be cheered up. That’s why we’re encouraging the entire Houston community, and our customers, to take the time to bring some joy to someone who could stand to smile – even if only for a day.

Think of your elderly parents, grandparents or other relatives who may be confined to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or someone who may be receiving hospice care. These scenarios all describe people who would be thrilled to receive flowers during this important week. Whether you deliver them to a recipient yourself, or let us deliver the flowers, we’re positive that your small gesture will have a huge impact on the spirits and mood of the person who receives the flowers.

We thought of a few suggestions in the hope that they might inspire you to Make Someone Smile® during this week-long charity event.

There’s something about a yellow rose in Texas – and it has a lot more meaning than the words of a famous song, or the sentiments that are associated with the song. It’s as if the yellow rose has become a Texas tradition, and the color is both happy and summery, and that makes it a perfect flower to choose when you’re looking for a way to cheer someone up.

make someone smile

Circling the Sun

Circling the Sun epitomizes summer with its beautiful yellow roses, bright sunny sunflowers, and pincushion Proteas. You’ll also see decorative accents that include Croton leaves. This sophisticated and elegant arrangement tells someone you care and is guaranteed to make him or her smile in gratitude.

make someone smile

Rain or Shine

Our Rain or Shine consists of white and yellow daisies that we carefully arrange in a clear glass bubble bowl. Daisies are always cheerful flowers, and they are typically associated with happiness. You can’t help but make someone smile when you send him or her a smile – in the form of smiling daisies.

Best Mother’s Day Flowers

Mother's DayWhen you were a child, you showed your mother your love with a handful of fresh picked dandelions. Today, show your love in a more sophisticated way with a beautifully arranged bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day. With the help of Breen’s Florist, you can deliver a symbol of your love and thankfulness for your mother easily.

The History of Mother’s Day

Honoring mothers and motherhood is an ancient tradition, and countries throughout the world have celebrations and days dedicated to moms. The modern American Mother’s Day was created by Anna Jarvis in 1908. After Anna’s mom died, she began a campaign to have a day set aside to honor moms and the sacrifices they make for their children. She argued that most modern holidays were centered on men, and that women needed a day to be celebrated for their most valued achievement – motherhood. The country caught on quickly, and it became an official U.S. holiday in 1914.

Most years, Mother’s Day will be held the second Sunday in May. It’s the modern tradition to present moms with flowers, cards and gifts on this day. Adults will give Mother’s Day gifts both to their own mothers, and to the mothers of their children. Sometimes people will give Mother’s Day gifts to other moms they know but are not necessarily related to.

Mother’s Day Options from Breen’s Florist

Most moms love the sentimentality and beauty of floral arrangements. For this reason, flowers are a traditional Mother’s Day gift. Breen’s Florist has several options you can use to honor your own mother, and we will gladly deliver them to any moms and women living in the greater Houston area.

Sweet Twilight is a popular option for Mother’s Day. The purple and pink roses and other flowers in this arrangement capture the beauty of moms. The arrangement features Breen’s Florist’s signature Twilight roses, which have a sweet fragrance.

Mother's Day

Sweet Twilight

Live plants are another great choice for Mother’s Day. We will gladly send her a beautiful live blooming plant decorated with a bird’s nest. This gift will continue blooming well past Mother’s Day, serving as a long-term remembrance of your love and thankfulness.

Mother's Day

Blooming Plants

As you prepare for Mother’s Day, make your gift-giving easy with the help of Breen’s Florist. Browse our arrangements today to find one that will complete your gift-giving needs.


Showing Your Employees Your Appreciation

footer-590pxFriday, March 6 is Employee Appreciation Day, and it’s a time where a little thought regarding your employees can go a long way in showing your appreciation. As a recent addition to the calendar, Employee Appreciation Day was first celebrated in the mid-1990s.

Since then, recognition of this holiday has come to include gifts like flowers, gift cards, and catered lunches for the staff. Since bosses have their holiday in October, it only makes sense that employees, too, have a chance to share the spotlight.

Sizing Up Your Celebration

As an employer, you can choose to honor employees in almost any way. However, if you’ve never celebrated this holiday before, you might wonder whether a few flowering plants spread around the office is best or if you should try individual gifts.

If your business has just a few employees, and you’ve known them for what seems like forever, you may consider gifting each with a gift card to his or her favorite restaurant. Potted plants to brighten an employee’s desk are also a nice token on Employee Appreciation Day.

For companies with several employees where you may have different departments and managers, you may want to design gifts where each department manager handles the celebration for their team. A small group lunch at a local restaurant is a cheerful way to celebrate the holiday.

Groovy Cube

Groovy Cube

Veteran and New Employees

If your business has operated for many years, you may have people on staff that you’ve known for many years while other employees might be new additions to the organization.

How do you choose gifts that appropriately honor the time and dedication of your veteran employees while also thanking the new members of your company? One easy option is to choose similar gifts for your employees while writing a personal note to each employee.

For example, you might choose a modern flower arrangement like a cube of gerbera daisies and lilies and include notes addressed directly to each employee with the arrangement. A beautiful and festive way to thank your employees for their dedication.

Employee Appreciation Day is the perfect time to show employees that you care with a simple token of thanks. As we get closer to spring and the sunny days of summer, an office filled with flowers from your local florist is a terrific way to bring simple enjoyment to your staff.