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Posted by Breens Florist on October 28, 2016 | Last Updated: October 15, 2020 Blog

Traditional Thanksgiving Celebrations

traditional Thanksgiving celebrationsAs with all of our favorite holidays, traditional Thanksgiving celebrations are filled with well-loved customs and special memories. Some traditions are historical, some cultural and some are specific to our own family – but each one is anticipated eagerly. As we prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday at Breen’s Florist, we are designing beautiful creations for the seasonal decor, centerpieces, and arrangements that will transform your home. While we are preparing for Thanksgiving in Houston, we thought you would like to learn about the origins of some of our favorite holiday traditions.

The First Thanksgiving – While legend and history both tell us that the first Thanksgiving took place in Plymouth Meeting in 1621, many believe that there were many other similar celebrations that took place earlier. Still, the romantic idea of the Pilgrims and Indians sharing a meal is still our favorite.
The Offical Declaration –  George Washington issues a Thanksgiving Day proclamation in 1789, but it was not until 1863 that President Abraham Lincoln declared the 4th Thursday in November as the official Thanksgiving Day.
The Turkey Dinner – While the presence of a turkey at the first Thanksgiving was not recorded, it now holds a special place of honor in our traditional Thanksgiving celebrations. Perhaps because chickens were not large enough for the customary gatherings, perhaps because turkey served no other purpose so were expendable. But there is no doubt they are the official food of the holiday.
Pardoning the Turkey –  Since the 1800’s, a choice turkey has been delivered to the White House. John F. Kennedy was the first one to decline to eat the bird, saying “Let’s just let this one live”. Richard Nixon sent the turkey to the petting zoo, but it was George Bush in 1989, who issued the first official pardon.
Parades and Pigskins – The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade began in 1924 as a Christmas parade but was shifted to Thanksgiving in 1932, when it was broadcast on the radio and even now remains a beloved tradition. And every Thanksgiving since 1934, the Detroit Lions have taken the field on Thanksgiving Day. What began as a publicity stunt to gain fans has become a tradition that has lasted over 80 years. In 1966, the Dallas Cowboys became the second team to play every Thanksgiving.

Of course, the best tradition of all is gathering around the table with family and friends. When it comes to decorating your holiday table, no one has more beautifully designed arrangements than Breen’s Florist. Call us today to schedule your Thanksgiving decor and gifts.