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Posted by Breens Florist on February 16, 2017 | Last Updated: February 25, 2020 Blog

It’s Time for Seasonal Spring Flowers

Spring is nearly here, and the best way to liven up your home or office space for the season is with a vase of freshly cut flowers or a blooming potted plant. They’ll freshen up the air and brighten the atmosphere — just in time for spring! At Breen’s Florist in Houston, our flower shop is bursting with new spring blooms, and we can’t wait to share all of our new seasonal designs.

Fun Facts about Flowers

This year, the first day of spring is on March 19th. The flowers don’t know that, but they can tell that the days are getting longer and the temperatures are rising. In the United States, we celebrate the first day of spring on the vernal equinox, the day when the Earth reaches the point in its orbit around the Sun when daylight and darkness are equal. After the vernal equinox, days in the Northern Hemisphere get increasingly longer, until the first day of summer.

In other parts of the world, the first day of spring is based on the lunar phases, instead. The people of Japan take their cue from their national flowers. They don’t officially recognize the beginning of spring until the cherry blossoms bloom.

"Bonita" means pretty and pretty people deserve pretty things, likes tulips, roses and snapdragons

Bonita Deluxe

When Do Spring Flowers Start Blooming?

The earliest spring flowers to bloom, bloom in winter. Snowdrops, crocuses, and Lenten roses all fight their way through the cold and even the snow to thrive as early as late January. Most early spring flowers like hyacinth, daffodils, tulips, and irises start blooming around the end of March. Late bloomers don’t show their colors until the end of May or the middle of June. These include lilacs, peonies, daisies, and bluebells.

Some of Our Favorite Flowers of Spring

With thousands of pretty florals blooming for spring, it’s not easy picking favorites. The following are some of the most beautiful, fragrant, and traditional flowers for celebrating spring.




1. Tulips

It’s impossible not to list tulips at the top of a list of favorite spring flowers. They’re not only beautiful and strong-looking, but they also grow in all the perfect colors for the season — plus about a zillion more. Tulips generally represent love, but each color has its own meaning. Yellow tulips represent happy thoughts, white tulips are for forgiveness, and red tulips represent true love.






2. Freesia

Freesia, the flowers of friendship, come in just about every brilliant color on the rainbow. Up to a dozen flowers can bloom from a single stem, giving them a pleasingly full look. A vase of freesia or a bouquet with just a couple of stems will sweeten the air in your home or office.







3. Hyacinth

These early bloomers are gorgeous to look at in shades of blue, purple, white, and pink, and they’re also lovely to sniff. A vase of these will instantly freshen the air in your home. Hyacinths simultaneously represent playfulness and sincerity.







4. Daffodils

Daffodils are synonymous with spring because they also symbolize renewal and rebirth. With their trumpet-shaped yellow, white, and orange flowers, daffodils bloom early in the season.







5. Daisies

These happy, little flowers don’t bloom until the end of spring, but they make the perfect gift for new mothers and Mother’s Day because they symbolize motherhood and childbirth.





Pink Camellia


6. Camellia

Camellias are flowering shrubs that bloom with some of the most beautiful flowers in spring. In pink, white, and red, these ruffled beauties represent longing, adoration, and sincere desire.





Assorted Roses


7. Roses

Roses are popular throughout the year, but they’re actually in-season and blooming naturally in the spring. As a result, spring roses are the freshest, most beautiful, and most affordable roses available. If you dream of a wedding decorated with roses, then it’s best, budget-wise, to pick a date in the spring. All roses have a different meaning, depending on their color. You already know red roses are for romance. But did you know orange symbolizes passion, gentle pink admiration, yellow friendship, and that lavender means love at first sight?



Get Ready to Welcome Spring with Fresh Flowers and Seasonal Blooming Plants

If you’re as excited as we are to celebrate the end of winter and the start of spring, then do it with flowers! There’s no better season to give a floral gift or to treat yourself to a bouquet of cheerful tulips, fragrant lilacs, or dashing daffodils. With a seasonal floral design from Breen’s Florist, you can’t go wrong.