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Posted by Breens Florist on April 4, 2023 Blog

The Perfect Flowers to Honor Mom’s Personality This Mother’s Day

Moms can be some of the most incredible and influential people in our lives. Their endless care, great support, and unconditional love stay with us throughout our whole lives as we grow and flourish, develop new relationships, and have families of our own. As Mother’s Day approaches, we cannot think of a better way to celebrate each one-of-a-kind mom than with unique flowers that speak to her character or personality. Here at Breen’s Florist, the top flower shop in Houston, TX, we have outlined the best spring blooms to honor these amazing women in your life.

The Healthy Snack Mom

Whether gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, or nut-free, this mom knows how to make the most delicious healthy snacks that are organic and natural. Not to mention, she always has them on hand, ensuring everybody has the proper fuel to get them through the day. There are no better Mother’s Day flowers for this mom than peonies. Around 1,000 BC, peonies were actually harvested to be utilized in food and medicinal recipes. However, we don’t recommend using peonies as an ingredient in your next batch of healthy treats. Instead, we urge you to admire their sweet fragrance and natural beauty.

The “Always-On-The-Go” Mom

With wind flying through her hair, this momma is always on the go. From driving her kids to various after-school activities to juggling work and home life and exploring the world with her family on the weekends, it seems like this mom seldom slows down to smell the flowers. With a gone-with-the-wind essence, anemones or “windflowers” are an appropriate selection for her. Anemones received their name since it looks as if their petals were gently blown open from the wind. Like your mother, these flowers are delicate, graceful, and striking, reminding you to relax and always stop to smell the flowers.

The Trendy Mom

A true fashionista, this momma embraces the latest trends, stays ahead of the curve, and is effortlessly the best dressed in any room — like a showstopping protea in an arrangement. Proteas embody this mom’s confidence, boldness, and spectacular style. These flowers are also ideal for the trendy mom in 2023 as they bloom in Pantone’s Viva Magenta, which your mother already knows is the color of the year. We can’t think of a better flower for her this Mother’s Day.

The “Say Cheese” Mom

We all know a mother who captures and cherishes each moment with her loved ones. From family photos to landscape portraits and quick snaps of daily activities and mouthwatering dinners, she never misses a good photo-op. The mom who always has her camera in hand is sure to adore the most photographed flower in the world. Of course, roses are one of the most popular stems and are filled with so much love, but they are also the perfect choice for your “say cheese” mom. With a variety of symbolic colors to choose from, you cannot go wrong with a special rose bouquet for the mom who can’t wait to take a picture of her Mother’s Day surprise.

The Pet Mom

There is no denying that pet moms love their fur babies like real human children. You can spot these types of moms from across the room — they usually have their fur baby with them and are sporting adorable matching accessories. The most fitting flower for pet moms is the pet-friendly gerbera daisy. Gerbera daisies are naturally bright and uplifting and symbolize cheerfulness, innocence, and loyal love. They represent that unbreakable bond between a woman and her fur child.

To celebrate the amazing dedication and love from all of the moms in our lives on Mother’s Day, fresh spring flowers from Breen’s Florist in Houston are the perfect gift. No matter what kind of mother she is, you are sure to find an arrangement that speaks to her unique personality and one-of-a-kind style.