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Posted by Breens Florist on December 14, 2020 | Last Updated: December 27, 2022 Blog

Plants & Flowers That Bring Positive Vibes to Your Home

There are several plants and flowers known for their good-luck qualities, so why not start the year off with a little extra look and a total refresh of our space with some of the best lucky florals around? The experts at Breens Florist have put together a list of the best and luckiest and good-fortune plants for your space.

Plants that Bring Good Luck

Lucky Bamboo in ceramic pot

Lucky Bamboo

Attract good fortune and harmony to your home year-round with Lucky Bamboo. Interesting and ornate, the stems of the bamboo plant twist and turn making unique designs so no two plants are alike. The number of stalks determines the type of energy it will attract. For example, two stalks bring luck in love, 3 in health, wealth, and happiness, 7 brings good health, 9 a great amount of luck, and 10 perfection.

small money tree in yellow pot

Money Tree

Along with attracting money into your home, the leaves of the Money Tree also purify the air making it a great houseplant. Made up of 3-5 individual smaller trees, the stems are braided together while still flexible to trap and secure good luck within its folds.

green jade plant in terraotta pot

Jade Plant

Jade plants are well known for their good-luck properties. A type of succulent, their thick, round leaves attract and retain good luck vibes. Believed to bring about success and prosperity, the Jade plant is a common gift given to new business owners.

snake plant in square white pot with white stones

Snake Plant

The unique vertical and sword-shaped leaves of the Snake Plant are not only stunning but purify the air better than most plants. The snake plant is known for cutting through obstacles and negative energy so only positive, good luck vibes to flow through.

money plant in orange pot on counter

Money Plant

Also known as a Coin Plant, Pilea peperomioides has flat, round, shiny leaves that look a lot like coins. An easy plant to care for and one that creates new growth easily, sharing new buds of this plant with your friends is believed to increase your luck.

Flowers that Bring Good Luck

Flowers have a live, charming, energy about them that makes wonderful decor in the home year-round. Plus, prove to boost spirits and promote well being, you can never go wrong with having lots of fresh florals around you. Having some nearby that are considered lucky, though, is just the cherry on top.

Blue and Lavender Hydrangea


The beautiful blooms of Hydrangeas are lush and bountiful so it’s no wonder they symbolize good luck, abundance, and prosperity. They also are known for representing gratitude, happiness, and enlightenment.

dark pink peonies up close


It’s no surprise that a flower as gorgeous, full, abundant, and delicate as the Poeony symbolizes luck, prosperity, and good fortune.

dark pink mums in garden


Chrysanthemums are said to be able to transfer positive energy currents into your home. They also represent longevity and harmony while different-colored mum have their own separate meanings.

yellow and orange marigolds


With vibrant yellow and gold blooms, Marigolds represent the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. They also are known for keeping evil spirits away.

purple and white Phalaenopsis Orchid


Beautiful and exotic, Orchids are often associated with fertility, luxury, wealth, and good fortune. They are also known for being able to enhance career success.

dark pink blooming azleas


Bright Azalea flowers are associated with bringing good luck and abundance into your home.

There’s nothing better than having fresh plants and flowers in your home, except having ones which can boost your luck and fortune! Pick up some gorgeous lucky flowers for you or a loved one today!