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Posted by Breens Florist on May 4, 2021 | Last Updated: May 19, 2021 Blog

Take Your Summer Cookout Up A Notch With Fresh Flowers

As the sun begins to shine a little brighter each day, we feel the warmth of the summer approach, and with it comes the wonderful season of grilling and cookouts. After this past year of social distancing, it is finally time to turn up the heat and get ready to spice up more than the brisket and burgers. From the perfect backyard atmosphere to elevating your party essentials, here at Breen’s Florist, the number one flower shop in Houston, we are sharing our favorite recipe for a special and successful backyard BBQ.

The Best Ideas for Styling Your Backyard BBQ

Choose a color palette

If you are celebrating the 4th of July or Labor Day, choose flowers that are red, white, and blue to enhance the patriotic feel. Or, you could choose flowers in an earthy tone such as lavender, blue, and green. Summer colors of orange, yellow, and pink add bright pops of colors while a monochromatic selection of all white flowers makes a sophisticated statement.

Display flowers in a unique way

Place a bunch of flowers in a tin can or buck for a rustic feel, or place several buds in clear bottles and hang them from tree branches. Fill mason jars with colorful blooms and place them on tables. Get creative with the vessel – use an old teapot, spray paint old cans, or fill wire baskets, lanterns, or unused birdcages with fresh blooms to add instant style to your event.

Infuse your beverages with flowers

For a delightful surprise, add fresh flower petals to drinks. Make sure the flowers you use are pesticide-free. Go ahead and wash them with water if you like before adding to drinks. Flowers that work well in drinks include violet, roses, nasturtium, hibiscus, and lavender. For drink recipes that include flowers, go here.

Dress up everyday items with flowers

Add a single stem flower to a stir stick for an elegant touch. Or, place stems in a pair of rain boots. Create a floating bouquet by placing blossoms in a bowl of water. Instead of throwing away the eggshells you have leftover from making deviled eggs, place small blooms within each egg half shell for a unique and delightful display. For guests, place several flower stems in a paper bag tied with twine to place all about and then to give to guests as a parting gift they’ll love.

When choosing flowers for your backyard event, make sure to select hardy stems that can hold up to the heat and stay fresh and vibrant all day. Good choices include:




Wax flowers





The ultimate recipe for your backyard cookout goes way beyond the exemplary cuisine from the grill. From enjoying the sunny afternoon together with loved ones to surrounding yourselves with this season’s fantastic flowers, this season of grilling is simply priceless. While you plan and coordinate each detail, visit Breen’s Florist in-store or online for the perfect summer blooms and plants.

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