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Posted by Breens Florist on September 20, 2019 | Last Updated: March 30, 2021 Blog

Send The Best Get-Well Flowers Easily To Show You Care

Sending flowers to a loved one in the hospital is a wonderful way to show how much you care. You brighten their spirit and encourage them to heal with cheerful, colorful blooms. Plus, flowers are known to lift spirits and make people feel happier longer. You want to send the very best, and the designers at Breen’s Florist want to help you. 

This is why we’re discussing the best ways to send get-well flowers, tips for navigating hospital policies about deliveries, and which flowers communicate your message clearly. Let Breen’s walk you through the best ways to send get-well flowers to any medical center in the Houston and Pasadena areas. Read on for simple tips and tricks that will get your flowers in your recipient’s hands quickly and easily. 

Smart Tips To Send Get-Well Flowers

  1. Choose bright, colorful blooms. Cheerful, sunny flowers like gerbera daisies in our Show Me Your Happy Face Bouquet will brighten any room, especially a hospital room, and put a smile on the patient’s face immediately.
  2. Keep it compact. When it comes to get-well flowers, smaller is better. With a compact floral design, your beautiful blooms won’t interfere with the medical professionals’ work, and your recipient can bring them home with them more easily.
  3. Request a durable container. While glass or ceramic vases are pretty, they could be a hazard if dropped. Instead, opt for a more durable container so your arrangement lasts as long as possible.
  4. Choose hypoallergenic blooms. Flowers like chrysanthemums and carnations are great for allergy prone individuals. With so many people in and out of hospital rooms, it’s extra-thoughtful to respect sensitivities.
  5. Send flowers they’ll keep. Long-lasting blooms and low-maintenance plant designs make great gifts that your recipient can bring home when their stay is over. 

Show Me Your Happy Face Bouquet

Send Symbols Of Your Care

Think about the message your flowers convey and choose designs that feature flowers with special meanings. Here are some popular get-well flowers and their meanings:

  • Heather: Symbolizing good luck and protection, this low-growing plant is characterized by deep blue or purple bell-shaped blooms.
  • Peony: Representing healing and good health for a happy life, peonies feature big, showy open blooms in a variety of bright colors. 
  • Rose: The warmth of orange and yellow roses sends a message of well-wishing and hope for a joyful future.
  • Iris: Bright, happy hues bring symbols of good news, plus “iris” is Greek for rainbow, and is therefore full of promise for the future.
  • Yellow tulip: Cheerful thoughts of hope and sunshine arrive with these classic, brightly-colored bulbs.
  • Daffodil: Symbolizing new beginnings and eternal life, daffodils present as a star-shaped bloom with a smaller star within. 




Once you’ve chosen the perfect floral design to communicate your special get-well message, be sure the delivery process goes smoothly. Call the medical center before ordering flowers to determine their best delivery times, as well as your loved one’s room number. Be sure to communicate the name and address of the medical center, as well as your recipient’s full name and room number, to your floral professionals at Breen’s Florist. We’ll be happy to take care of the rest, ensuring prompt, professional delivery with a smile. When you want to lift spirits and encouraging healing, choose flowers for your friend or loved one to show you care. 

For sample Get Well messages to include with your flowers, or tips on how to write the perfect Get Well message, visit our Card Messaging page.