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Posted by Breens Florist on April 3, 2015 Blog

Perfect Flowers to Wear for Prom

shutterstock_50394988Before heading out to prom this spring, couples everywhere will be preparing to exchange wearable flowers known as corsages and boutonnieres. Although most people might be able to note that this tradition has been around for several generations, the question of where it came from is often unknown.

The history of giving a date a flower to wear on their person dates back several centuries, but the idea of wearing flowers dates back even longer. In ancient times it was common to wear flowers to ward off evil spirits or to show support for particular sports teams or players.

The idea of flowers helping to ward off bad spirits persisted and it became increasingly common for men to present their dates with a few flowers to protect her.

After a while the tradition morphed again. Men now gave arrangements to their date’s parents to show respect while giving the woman a few flowers out of the arrangement to wear on her dress. This gave rise to women wearing flowers on formal occasions.

As women’s fashion began to change and dresses that were either strapless or had spaghetti sleeves became more popular, the idea of attaching flowers to the dress became less practical. This has resulted in women wearing their flowers on their wrist.

For men, the ideas of flowers warding off bad spirits and disease helped lead to a tradition in the 19th century of men wearing flowers on their jackets to more formal events. These flowers have evolved into the standard boutonniere that men wear to proms, weddings, and other formal occasions.

At Breen’s Florist, we have seen many couples trying to find the right wearable flower for their date, and we are here to help.

Original corsage

We believe that original corsage designs can help women look and feel fantastic. One of our favorites is our black and white corsage that uses white roses with a black tip and a black ribbon with silver stripes. The corsage looks unique, formal, and beautiful.

Black and White Corsage

Black and White Corsage

Unique boutonnieres

Boutonnieres should traditionally match the gown of the female date, so consider looking for a unique boutonniere such as this one with pink alstroemeria blossoms. The gentle purple color with a yellow center will look fantastic with a purple gown.

Cherish Boutonniere

Cherish Boutonniere

Wearable flowers are a wonderful tradition for prom couples to participate in this upcoming spring. We love learning about the history of floral traditions such as this one and believe that they can help people appreciate the flowers even more. Trust Breen’s Florist for help when it comes to finding the perfect wearable flower.