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Posted by Breens Florist on December 16, 2019 | Last Updated: October 20, 2022 Blog

Our Favorite Winter Flowers and Plants

Winter is a time of year when many people could use a little cheer. One way to brighten your home is to bring potted flowers and plants into your home. During the holidays, there are many ways to decorate with plants and flowers. Why not let the floral experts at Breen’s Florist show you our selection of holiday and winter flowers? We would love to help you make your home beautiful during the holidays and throughout the winter. Adding vibrant color and greenery to a tabletop or a fireplace hearth can remind you of the warmth and beauty of spring.

Snowdrop Flowers


Beautiful, small white flowers that grow from a bulb planted in the fall. Among the first flowers from bulbs to sprout, these flowers often break the soil when there is still snow on the ground in colder climates. Snowdrops can be grown indoors by forcing the bulbs to bloom indoors after allowing the bulb to cool outside. Snowdrops add a freshness to your indoor decorating and bring a little bit of spring to your home in the winter.

Classic Poinsettia (Pink)


Another holiday favorite, the vivid red, pink or white blooms of the Poinsettia welcome the season with beauty and brightness. A native plant of Mexico and Central America, these flowers have been a Christmas tradition since the early 19th century in America. They are a welcome sight in any home during the season. Our Classic Poinsettia (pink), with lovely pale pink leaves that resemble flower petals, will bring the Christmas spirit right into your home.

Kalanchoe Plant with Purple Flowers


This attractive plant is a favorite during the winter season. As a flowering succulent plant, the Kalanchoe is hardy and easy to care for. With flowers in hues of pink, yellow, orange and red, the Kalanchoe will add color to your home during the coldest months of the year.

Amaryllis Plant with Red Blooms


Grown from a large bulb, the Amaryllis rises on a sturdy green stalk. The blooms are large and range in color from bright white to rich reds. Originally from South America, the Spanish name for the flower means sparkle. These gorgeous flowers will bloom throughout the winter seasons.

Pothos plant

Pothos Ivy

Despite the fact that this ivy plant originated in tropical climates, Pothos is an ivy plant that loves the indoors during the winter season. It is an easy to grow plant that will stay vibrantly green during the gray and cold days of winter, bringing a bit of the outdoors inside. Our Pothos Pole Ivy will grow for years to come and is perfect for any home décor.

Each of the plants and flowers above would make a wonderful housewarming gift or decoration for your home during the winter holiday season. Bring some of the beauty of nature indoors to enjoy when the temperatures plummet and the skies are dreary. Whether you want to make this Christmas season truly special by choosing vivid red blooms and hardy winter plants, or you love the clean, simple look of white flowers and greenery, Breen’s Florist should be your first stop.