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Posted by Breens Florist on July 8, 2016 | Last Updated: May 24, 2021 Blog

New Baby Gifts for the Little Prince (or Princess)

new babyOne day they will have chores and homework. One day they will have responsibilities, and worry about things out of your control. And one day they may even not be perfect. But for today, that new little bundle of joy is the center of the world – so small, so precious and so loved. When the new little prince or princess has been born into the family – or to a good friend – you’ll need an appropriate and unique baby gift to celebrate this exciting time. If you need some excellent baby gift ideas, look no further.

baby giftsThe floral designers at Breen’s are true artists and have created some spectacular bouquets for this very special occasion. These are not your normal baby arrangements; our usage of lavish flowers and sophisticated designs speaks to the importance of the occasion. Meant to congratulate Mom and Dad while welcoming the little one, these regal displays include such abundant blooms as roses, hydrangea, and lilies, and will outshine. From hospital room to living room, this is sure to become their favorite floral arrangement and will express just how special the event is.

baby giftsOf course, prices and princesses should be presented with their gifts as well. The experts at Breen’s have assembled a collection of gift baskets overflowing with items to pamper the baby, such as new outfits and grooming supplies; although we did sneak in a few pieces of chocolate for Mom and Dad. These keepsake baskets are perfect for nursery catchalls in the weeks and months to come, and a few extra supplies are always appreciated!baby gifts

For now, treat these little blessings – and their Mom – like royalty. They’ll grow up soon enough, so for today, shower with them with love and good wishes with a unique and beautiful baby gift from Breen’s Florist.