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Inspiring Romance with Flowers

August is National Romance Month. And while we understand that some people are naturally more romantic than others, this month gives everyone the chance to express their feelings to the person they love. At Breen’s Florist, we know that inspiring romance is as easy as having a bouquet of flowers delivered, but what should you send? If you live in Houston or Bellaire, our professional floral designers have many ideas for you. After all, we have seen many acts of true love over the years!

The Five Most Romantic Flowers 

A romantic August floral bouquet often includes flowers that symbolize love, passion, and romance. Red flowers are an obvious choice, but if you are looking for the perfect, unique summer blooms to say “I love you,” turn to the language of flowers

Roses are classic flowers that many people associate with Valentine’s Day and romantic occasions since they are a timeless symbol of love, passion, fascination, and desire. 

Orchids can be admired in a luxurious arrangement nestled between other symbolic blooms or on their own in a pot of soil. However they are displayed, these flowers are connected to luxury, refinement, romance, and love. 

Lilies are a vibrant and brilliant symbol of love, no matter their color. However, red lilies are even more significant as they represent longing, romance, and passion in addition to love. 

Daisies are lovely additions to romantic flower arrangements as these sweet blooms are connected to true love and new beginnings. From budding relationships in the early stages of dating to marriages with bright futures, these are the perfect summer flowers for Romance Month. 

Sunflowers are similar to roses in that they have been used as inspiration for artwork and poetry for decades. They are also another symbol of love, adoration, and loyalty in addition to peace and happiness.

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Meaningful & Creative Floral Arrangements

Breen’s Florist has some creative customers, and they have inspired ideas guaranteed to keep the romance alive. In honor of National Romance Month, we’d like to share some of the love stories we have heard over the years.

  • Bring a single rose home to your wife once a week. This will guarantee she always has a reminder of your love, freshly cut and in bloom.
  • Have our professionals design a bouquet of flowers that is meaningful to you as a couple – for instance, spoil her with the same flowers you brought to her on your first date, to prove that the memory is special to you.


  • Show us your wedding photos, and our designers will create a replica of her bridal flowers. Bring to a romantic dinner, and surprise her with your thoughtfulness.
  • Work with Breen’s Florist to deliver flowers to an unexpected place – during dinner at your favorite restaurant, or to a park bench as you talk. The surprise delivery is sure to melt her heart, and shouts your love for her to the world.

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Flowers inspiring romance are just a call away. During the month of August, celebrate National Romance Month with roses, orchids, or lilies from Breen’s Florist.

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