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Posted by Breens Florist on November 6, 2019 | Last Updated: October 15, 2020 Blog

Charm Your Thanksgiving Host with a Thoughtful Gift

This time of year is all about gathering to spend time with your friends and family. At Breen’s Florist, serving Houston and the surrounding areas, we love everything about Thanksgiving season, like quality time, festive flowers, and delicious meals with loved ones. No matter who’s hosting your Thanksgiving meal this year, be sure you don’t show up empty-handed, instead bring one of these thoughtful Thanksgiving gift ideas.

Perfect Thanksgiving Host Gifts

Even if you’re attending a potluck-style dinner and contributing a dish or two, it’s still good manners to also bring a host or hostess gift for the person hosting the Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving dinner. After all, it takes a lot of work to prepare one’s home, kitchen, and dining table to welcome so many guests. Arriving with a gift in-hand will show your loved one how much you appreciate their invitation.

1. Friendsgiving


Friendsgiving is a Thanksgiving-like dinner arranged just for friends. Sometimes, it’s held the Wednesday before or after Thanksgiving Day or on Thanksgiving Day itself. This less-formal sit-down dinner is all about having a wholesome meal with your closest buddies. We recommend bringing a gift your hostess will love or something to liven up the party.

  1. A game for everyone to enjoy playing after dinner (be sure to choose one that doesn’t limit the number of players)
  2. Seasonally scented candles so your friend’s home smells like pumpkin pie even after the party’s over
  3. A set of funny kitchen magnets for your friend’s fridge
  4. A succulent or plant in a seasonal planter
  5. Whacky dishtowels featuring embroidered turkeys, pumpkins, or owls
  6. A basket of bath bombs, bath salts, and fancy soap to unwind after the party
  7. A pair of fuzzy socks, like a warm hug for your friend’s feet

2. Thanksgiving Dinner with Your In-Laws

oragne and yellow flowers in wooden box

Trendy Flower Arrangement – Floral Sundance

Whether you’ve been an honorary family member for years or will be meeting your spouse’s parents for the first time, do not turn up to Thanksgiving dinner empty-handed. Make sure your partner’s parents know how much you appreciate their invitation and willingness to welcome you into their home and holiday traditions by bringing a hostess gift. To show your sincere appreciation, we recommend refraining from kitschy items (unless you know for certain that your in-laws prefer them) and sticking with tastefully elegant gift choices, instead.

  1. A sophisticated floral arrangement or centerpiece in a lovely keepsake container
  2. A sampler of various sea salts
  3. A gourmet box of chocolates or jams from your hometown
  4. An expensive bottle of wine paired with stemless goblets or wine glass charms
  5. A personalized cutting board
  6. Whiskey stones and bottle of spirits from a local distillery
  7. High-quality serving utensils because they’re always in need on Thanksgiving Day

3. Thanksgiving with Your Family

Fall Flowers in a Vase – Warm and Tender

Whether you’re over at your parents’ or grandparents’ home all the time or not, it’s important to demonstrate your appreciation for the hard work and effort that goes into making a nice Thanksgiving dinner. Bring a gift you know they’ll enjoy or something to make the whole holiday even better.

  1. Sparkling cider so everyone has a special drink for toasting
  2. A set of holiday cookie cutters
  3. A pretty floral arrangement in warm autumn colors
  4. Activities to keep the children busy, like a game or not-too-messy craft project
  5. New toys to occupy the household pets
  6. Festive hand soap to keep everyone well
  7. Gourmet coffee to enjoy with dessert

You Can’t Go Wrong with Floral Host Gifts

If you’re still not sure about what type of hostess gift to get for the person who’s invited you to their home this Thanksgiving, we always recommend flowers as a tried and true hostess gift. It’s best to purchase an arrangement or centerpiece that’s already put together, rather than a bouquet of un-trimmed flowers because your hostess will already be too busy with the dinner to cut the flowers and put them in water.

We welcome you to stop by any Breen’s Florist location. Our expert florists can help you select a specially designed Thanksgiving floral arrangement, centerpiece, or potted plant that your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving hostess is sure to love.