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Posted by Breens Florist on August 18, 2019 | Last Updated: October 17, 2022 Blog

Changing From Summer To Fall

Fall is a great season that brings great beauty, as well as cooler temperatures, anticipation for the upcoming holidays, and the beauty of gorgeous fall colors. Not only do the leaves change color on the trees, but we also get to experience amazing fall flowers in an array of deep, bold hues. The floral designers at Breen’s Florist are excited about our beautiful fall collection. We have something for everyone in the Pasadena area, so take a look at our gorgeous collection and choose something beautiful for your loved ones or even for yourself.

Some Seasonal Fall Blooms

Fall offers up some of the most amazing floral designs this time of year including chrysanthemums, Russian sage, ornamental peppers, marigolds, lavender, and daisies. Find these in gardens and fall bouquets everywhere you look this season and include some in your own home or office as well.

Some Of Our Fall Favorites

Let the transition from summer to fall be a simple one when you choose a fabulous design like our Jet Set Sunset. Fly into the sunset and you’ll see a spectrum of yellow and orange hues like the bright and vibrant tones of these sunflowers, lilies and spray roses. Send this fascinating design to someone you know who might be lamenting the end of summer or anticipating the coming of fall!

Our Golden Sundress bouquet, named after that favorite summer sundress reserved only for special occasions, is a gorgeous arrangement of sunflowers flanked by thin straps of midelino wood and light and airy buplerum. Placed in a beautiful golden vase, this design, just like the sundress, is ready for any special occasion!

In our final farewell to summer, our Sun Kissed design brings a cheerful, glowing depth to the coming autumn. Gerber daisies and bright lilies happily offset and accent large gorgeous sunflowers that are so amazing. It’s like these blooms were sun-kissed from Mother Nature to your recipient.

Sending Fall Flowers This Season

Do you know someone having a birthday or celebrating an anniversary in September or October? Send them a beautiful bouquet made up of flowers that bloom in their particular month to celebrate such a special occasion. These flowers make amazing wedding designs and can also be fabulous back-to-school gifts for teachers, too. Plus, you may know someone who needs to know that you’re thinking of them. Fall flowers make a great “Just Because” gift. Whatever the occasion, make sure you include fall flowers as part of your celebration.

Surround Yourself With Fall Designs

If fall seems to be the end of summer’s bright cheerfulness, be sure to surround yourself with amazing blooms. This season offers quick pick-me-ups to cure the doldrums. Fall is rife with bold, deep colors and can be celebrated throughout your home, office, or outdoor areas. Adorn your porch with every shade of chrysanthemums, bring fresh, bright daisies into your office space, and fill your home with brilliant sunflowers. The possibilities are endless when you choose to decorate with fall flowers.

Fall flowers offer something for everyone. The deep, bold colors and rich, intricate textures provide an amazing design that’s unique to every bouquet. Whether you’re sending something to a friend or loved one or simply surrounding yourself with the season’s natural beauty, talk to the floral designers at Breen’s Florist for more great ideas about how you can include beautiful fall blooms in every occasion this season.