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Posted by Breens Florist on March 4, 2019 Blog

Celebrate Women’s Achievements on International Women’s Day

This month we are eager to celebrate  International Women’s Day on March 8. International Women’s Day is a global movement toward more gender parity and equity in business, economics, politics, and government across the world. This is an excellent opportunity to tell the women in your life how impressed you are with them. Think of the women who have had an influence on you, like teachers, mentors, and leaders who use their position to better our world. Show your support and encouragement for them with a beautiful bouquet of their favorite flowers. Breen’s Florist wants to help you celebrate women’s achievements on International Women’s Day this year.

Show her you’re proud of all she’s achieved with our Bonita design. Bonita means “pretty” and the beauty she brings to bettering our world is unmatched. This piece, featuring tulips, roses, hydrangea, and fresh fragrant stock, will remind her daily of all the ways she makes the world pretty and more balanced.

Let the special women in your life know how much you’re in her corner. Activists and supporters everywhere will be celebrating International Women’s Day across the globe on March 8. Be sure to choose her favorite flowers from Breen’s Florist and let her know what a difference she’s making.