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Posted by Breens Florist on February 19, 2024 Blog

Sending Fresh Flowers to Those Who Inspire You to Bloom

Sending blooms on International Women’s Day (yep, it’s coming up quickly on March 8th!) is your perfect chance to shout out the amazing and inspiring women who light up your life. The mimosa flower, for instance, is the iconic gem of IWD. In 1946, it was chosen to represent the day as a symbol of strength and sensibility. Other springtime faves, like peonies, tulips, and gerbera daisies, also burst with celebratory and gratitude vibes, especially if they have bloomed in IWD’s colorway – green (for hope), purple (for loyalty and devotion), and white (for purity). After you’ve scored that absolutely best bouquet from Breen’s Florist, the top flower shop in Houston, the real question is who’s going to be the lucky person on the receiving end!

Female Family Members

Your moms, aunts, grandmas, cousins, and sisters have probably been your ride-or-die crew from day one, shaping you into the unstoppable person you are today. Seriously, these women must have superpowers, balancing careers, caregiving, and just about everything else. So, on IWD, they’re the first people on our list to receive some floral love to honor their daily strength, grace, and undying love. Even if you’re miles apart, sending flowers is like the most beautiful and warmest virtual hug, allowing you to stay connected and close at heart.

Your Biggest Supporters

Sure, IWD is all about celebrating amazing women and their achievements, but we shouldn’t forget about the allies who helped us reach some important goals. Think about your parents, besties, partner, and anyone else you consider an ally who would do anything to watch you succeed! Gender is simply irrelevant when their support is what shines through. So, whether it’s your brother, your father, your childhood BFF, or the close friends you made in your 30s, as a woman, the ones who are always in your corner deserve floral love, too!

Mentors and Teachers

We bet you still remember that teacher who always had the best candy stash or the one who’d swap the last ten minutes of class for game time. But what about that professor who nudged you toward that game-changing business course? Yep, that’s where it all began for you! Those mentors who sparked your love for the drama of Shakespeare or the geeky joys of the AV club have left a lasting mark. Imagine their surprise (and delight) getting a message from you, especially on IWD! A bouquet of flowers could be the perfect catalyst for a long-overdue catch-up, thanking them for lighting the way to your bright future.

Inspiring Co-Workers

When your co-workers double as your daily dose of caffeine and motivation, you’ve definitely hit the office jackpot! They’re the ones turning the terror of Sunday scaries and Monday morning blues into something you actually look forward to, making deadlines less daunting than deciding where to order lunch from. Armed with coffee and contagious enthusiasm and drive, they make you a better professional — thriving and flourishing in your field. So, when IWD rolls around, it’s time to repay the favor with a bouquet that says, “Thanks for being the espresso shot to my every day”! Because you certainly cannot imagine your work life without them.


We definitely saved the best person for last, and that, honey, is YOU! This IWD, treat yourself to the best form of self-care and self-affirmation there is — sending yourself flowers. Of course, you never truly need a reason to do so, but on IWD, it’s the perfect way to invite all the good vibes into your life, celebrate all your wins, and get ready for all the incredible things coming your way. So, pick out your favorite stems, enjoy the moment they arrive at your doorstep, and create a new uplifting IWD tradition!

IWD is all about acknowledging those who lift you up, whether an inspiring woman, a supportive friend, or yourself. If you feel lost in the world of flowers, Breen’s Florist is ready to guide you to the perfect stems!

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