Appropriate Flowers for Butterfly Gardens

butterfly gardens

A summer garden is never complete until the butterflies arrive. They bring a fanciful feel to any flowerbed or yard, and there are particular flowers which you can add to your landscape to guarantee a visit from these delicate creatures. The floral experts at Breen’s Florist are here to help you find the right variety of blooms for your own personal butterfly gardens. Continue reading

Bright Seasonal Flowers for Your Summer Parties

seasonal flowers

It’s summer in Houston, and things are getting hot! We love this special time of year when things seem to slow down just a bit, and the longer days give us the opportunity to get together more often with family and friends. As you plan your summer get-togethers,  don’t forget the flowers! Seasonal flowers add vivid color and style to your dinner table and are a beautiful choice for party decor. Whether you like casual picnics or prefer sophisticated gourmet meals with your friends, we have a floral bouquet perfect for the occasion. So what is your summer style? Breen’s Florist would love to help you achieve it.  Continue reading

Beautiful and Vibrant Summer Flowers

summer flowersSummer is known for long days of sunshine; that extends well into the evening hours. The air is hot, and the storms come up quickly but depart after cooling things off. Kids are on vacation, and many of us are enjoying reduced hours for the season. Although we no longer have the luxury of a summer break, there is no denying that summer just feels different – there is an air of carefree leisure, of relaxed good times and an anticipation of times spent with family and friends.

summer flowersFlowers are a part of the ambiance of summer. Gardens are bursting with color and meadows are overflowing with a carpet of wild blooms. There is no better way to make your picnic or barbecue exude that summer vibe than to add fresh cut sunflowers, which are emblematic of these fun-filled months. With the color of sunshine and the most cheerful disposition of all the blossoms, these summer flowers are a great addition to your dinner table. Place sunflowers on your windowsill and watch them follow the sun across the sky, or add hydrangea and roses for a bouquet that showcases the spirit of summertime.

summer flowersOne of the things we love about summer is all the bright colors! From the evening skies to the clothing in our closets – there is nothing gray, boring or dingy about summer vacation! Vivid oranges, vibrant yellows, and shocking pinks are the hues that represent this time of the year, as do gerbera daisies, zinnias and marigolds. If you want to bring the light, breezy, and fun excitement of summer into your home, stop into Breen’s Florist and speak to our expert floral designers about which summer flowers of the season will best match your home décor.

Tropical Summer Decor

tropical flowersTexas is known for a lot of things. Big cities, great food, miles of open space – but you may not realize that we are a humid sub-tropical climate. This climate is defined as having peak summer rainfall, generally attached to thunderstorms; and a period drought during cool, mild winters.

tropical flowersThere are some sub-tropical plants that are popular in floral arrangements, including bromeliads and heliconia, which both exhibit broad, vibrant and unique leaves and flowers. These two plants are practically emblematic of the sub-tropics but aren’t the only ones. For instance, the bright orange profile of the bird of paradise is not only popular in vases, but in flowerbeds of area homes. Combine these sensational flowers with more delicate blossoms to create an eclectic floral display in vibrant hues, and your space will take on the air of the tropics.

tropical flowersIf you are looking for additional plants to transform your home into a tropical rain forest, consider these colorful blooms that exude paradise. Hibiscus flowers evoke feelings of Hawaiian breezes; plumeria are used to create leis and beautiful floral wreaths, and the dramatic red ginger plant will add stature to any bouquet. The popular anthurium plant may not have a household name, but its large red waxy petals are easily recognizable. The orchid is considered both tropical and exotic and is one of the most coveted flowers of its class. With a wide range of colors and exquisite blooms, orchids can complement any décor with grace and beauty.

tropical flowersAt Breen’s Florist, we specialize in creating floral arrangements that will either fit into your current décor or help to transform your space from stoic to stunning! This summer, surround yourself with summer tropical flowers to set a carefree, exotic mood – call Breen’s today, and relax like you are in the islands.

Using Flowers for Your Outdoor Parties

outdoor partiesAs days get longer and lazier, we spend more time outside – especially in the evenings, to enjoy cooler air and stunning sunsets. If your outdoor spaces are a bit neglected in the summertime due to the heat, Breen’s has some beautiful ideas on how to spruce up and beautify patios and decks for all of your outdoor parties!

outdoor partiesTap into the inspiration and the southwest, and take advantage of the succulent’s hardy nature with these arrangements made of cacti and desert plants. They will turn your backyard space into a desert oasis, and bring a cool ambiance to your gatherings. In these containers they are easily moved to best accent the décor and setting, and can be brought inside when the party of over. Imagine your guests and a setting sun, surrounded by these amazing arrangements that celebrate the unique plants of summer.

outdoor partiesAnother way to easily decorate for summer gatherings is by strategically placing flowering green plants around the area. These arrangements are also easily moved in and outdoors depending on the need, but allow you to instantly create a “garden” for your party. Whether hyacinth, hydrangea, azalea or kalanchoe, vivid plants add splashes of color to a green yard. Arrange sporadically around the space, or hang from plant hooks or shepherd hooks for a gardener’s touch.

outdoor partiesIf your party involves place settings and a sit-down dinner, choose centerpieces that set the mood – wildflowers for a barbecue, roses for an intimate date or tropical plants for a luau. Whatever the setting, whatever the theme – the easiest way to set the mood this summer is with gorgeous plants and flowers from Breen’s Florist. This summer, invite some friends, choose the menu and order some flowers – then get outside and have fun!

Flowers for Labor Day

labor dayWe may be in the throes of the “dog days of summer” here in Houston, but the calendar tells a different story. As we approach the third week of August, it’s hard not to think that in a few short weeks, we’ll be celebrating Labor Day. The Breen’s Florist team of floral designers wants to help Houstonians create a summery atmosphere for your Labor Day weekend festivities.

At the end of the 19th century, Labor Day celebrations were just beginning. Labor Day always falls on a Monday – and more specifically, on the first Monday of September. This year, we’re observing the holiday on September 7th.

As sad as it is to admit that Labor Day represents the end of summer, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything that will stop a Texan from spending time at a barbecue. We’re not a bit shy about boasting that Texas and awesome barbecue are one in the same.

labor day

Labor Day became an official national holiday in 1894. Before President Grover Cleveland made the official proclamation, which he did after failing to end the railroad workers strike, the U.S. Congress passed legislation making the first Monday of September, an official holiday in the District of Columbia and the U.S. territories. That act was passed on June 28, 1894. By that point, 23 other states had already enacted their own laws to observe Labor Day on the first Monday of September.

Although there are undoubtedly regional traditions for celebrating Labor Day, the most common things that people do is having outdoor gatherings, heading to the beach, watching or participating in parades, or attending sporting events – especially baseball. As long as the weather cooperates, it’s safe to say that Houstonians will spend their holiday weekend enjoying the fantastic summer temperatures in Houston while making barbecues a big part of that.

If you’re going to be celebrating outside, consider flowering plants as an alternative to cut flowers. By opting for a flowering plant like our Azalea Abundance, you won’t be fraught with anxiety because you’re worried that someone may accidentally bump into a vase and spill all the water.

All About Gladioli

gladioliFor every month, there is a different birth flower. August’s birth flower is the gladiolus. Breen’s Florist is super excited about this month’s flower. This African native has become one of the most beloved flowers in American perennial gardens, and for good reasons. The name Gladiolus doesn’t just refer to the flower proper. It is also the name of the flower’s genus.


The Meaning Behind Gladioli


As if that isn’t enough of a coincidence, gladioli are the flowers of the Roman gladiators. In addition to this fun fact, the common name for the flower is “sword lily.’ They are referred to as “sword lilies” because of the shape of the leaves. We’re not sure how this concept evolved, but it is also believed that when a man or woman gives someone a gladiolus stem as a gift of love, he or she is figuratively piercing the heart of the person to who receives give the flower.


According to the Language of Flowers, the gladiolus is a symbol of character strength. It is also connected with generosity, integrity, and sincerity.



What Else do Gladioli Represent?



Gladioli are also associated with the following characteristics and personal qualities:


  • Calmness and tranquility


  • Eternal sleep


  • Infatuation


  • Imagination


  • Natural grace


  • Oblivion



Gorgeous Gladiolus

About Gladioli



There are roughly 260 species in the gladiolus genus. Almost all of the known gladiolus species come from Africa, especially in places that lie south of the Sahara Desert. The Southernmost portion of South Africa is home to 160 species, and 76 species are found in tropical areas of Sub-Saharan Africa.



The gladioli species that are bred for commercial markets and for growth from corms in home gardens are different from the wild varieties that are native to Africa. Botanists spent many centuries tinkering with different species to come up with hybrids that consistently produce many flowers per stem, and that produce the huge flowers that are prized by flower lovers everywhere.



Growing Gladioli



According to the Farmer’s Almanac, gladioli are considered half-hardy in temperate zones. They are suitable for growth in USDA hardiness zones 6 through 10. Houston is in hardiness zone 9a, which makes it an outstanding place to grow them. It means that after planting corms after the last possible frost date, the corms can stay in the ground. It generally takes about 90 days from the time of planting to see the corms mature and produce the spectacularly showy flowers that are ideal as cut flowers.



Brighten someone’s day by giving him or her, the gift of this month’s flower. Our Gorgeous Gladiolus arrangement is as beautiful as it is dramatic. We fill a clear glass vase with plenty of tall stems. The color will depend on what’s available.



Best Summer Birthday Flowers!

summer birthdayPeople naturally spend most of their free time outside during the summer. That’s why Texans are so fond out outdoor living spaces. Since people spend a lot of their time outside, active lifestyles makes it easy to forget about the summer birthdays of their friends and family members. Our staff at Breen’s Florist wants to help you remember those important summer birthdays, and we’re eager to help you choose the perfect gift for a man or woman.

In case you’re at a loss as to what to give someone whose birthday is this month, or in August, we’ve come up with some ideas that we are sure will be a big hit with any summer birthday recipient.

No Houstonian relishes the prospect of a hurricane – if it comes from the Gulf of Mexico. Our Hurricane floral arrangement is sure to be a hit with any birthday recipient. This arrangement transforms any space into an exotic tropical oasis. We combine birds of paradise with tropical ginger, Protea, Cymbidium and Dendrobium orchids, and an assortment of greens. We accent the bouquet with seashells, which drive home the beach and tropical vibe or entire design.

summer birthday


Knock someone’s socks off with our lavish Carousel arrangement. Birds of Paradise tower over pink spray roses, stargazer lilies, larkspur, viberium, fragrant stock, snapdragons, forsythia, and bulperium. This lush arrangement is packed full of drama and color. It’s sure to make a huge statement and let a birthday man or woman, know how much you love him or her.

summer birthday


Nothing says sophistication like our Orchid Majesty arrangement. We fill a tall square glass vase with 25 Dendrobium regal deep purple orchid stems. We accent the arrangement with strategically placed purple decorative butterflies.

summer birthday

Orchid Majesty

Flowers are the perfect summer birthday gift when you want to give someone something different, but truly special. Let us help you choose a flower arrangement that will ensure that your recipient feels extra special on their birthday.Birthday celebrations aren’t just for kids: grownups enjoy the thrill of getting presents and having people remember their birthdays just as much as children.


Make Someone Smile Week

make someone smileNow entering its sixteenth year, Make Someone Smile® Week began as a Teleflora sponsored charity event in the floral industry. Florists from across the country eagerly participate because it gives them a chance to cheer people up with flowers. From the start, the unwavering goal has always centered on making people smile, and in particular, reaching out to people who might feel like they are forgotten, or those who are alone, isolated, hospitalized or confined to nursing homes and other facilities. This fun yearly event takes place during the week of July 19 through July 25. Everyone at Breen’s Florist is thrilled to be involved in an event that spreads happiness to people through the sharing of flowers.

Houston is home to some of the most distinguished hospitals in the country – if not the world. People travel to places like M.D. Anderson because it is known as a world-class cancer research and care facility. We are sure that any patient receiving care there could stand to be cheered up. That’s why we’re encouraging the entire Houston community, and our customers, to take the time to bring some joy to someone who could stand to smile – even if only for a day.

Think of your elderly parents, grandparents or other relatives who may be confined to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or someone who may be receiving hospice care. These scenarios all describe people who would be thrilled to receive flowers during this important week. Whether you deliver them to a recipient yourself, or let us deliver the flowers, we’re positive that your small gesture will have a huge impact on the spirits and mood of the person who receives the flowers.

We thought of a few suggestions in the hope that they might inspire you to Make Someone Smile® during this week-long charity event.

There’s something about a yellow rose in Texas – and it has a lot more meaning than the words of a famous song, or the sentiments that are associated with the song. It’s as if the yellow rose has become a Texas tradition, and the color is both happy and summery, and that makes it a perfect flower to choose when you’re looking for a way to cheer someone up.

make someone smile

Circling the Sun

Circling the Sun epitomizes summer with its beautiful yellow roses, bright sunny sunflowers, and pincushion Proteas. You’ll also see decorative accents that include Croton leaves. This sophisticated and elegant arrangement tells someone you care and is guaranteed to make him or her smile in gratitude.

make someone smile

Rain or Shine

Our Rain or Shine consists of white and yellow daisies that we carefully arrange in a clear glass bubble bowl. Daisies are always cheerful flowers, and they are typically associated with happiness. You can’t help but make someone smile when you send him or her a smile – in the form of smiling daisies.

Outdoor Plants for Summer Parties

outdoor plantsTexans are lucky to live in a climate that’s conducive to outdoor entertaining for most of the year. However, summer is extra special because it means poolside gatherings, barbecues, and enjoying the great weather with outdoor socializing and activities. Houston doesn’t often have to contend with the cold winter temperatures that make it impossible for residents of Northern and Central Texas, to grow tropical green and flowering plants outdoors all year long. Breen’s Florist is pleased to be able to offer our customers, some beautiful tropical plants that are ideally suited to container growing on patios, balconies, or decks.

We’ve come up with some suggestions that may inspire you to forego traditional flower arrangements for your summer parties, and consider replacing them with potted green and flowering plants.

Bromeliads are often found in tropical and subtropical forests and rainforests. These lush looking plants are characterized by dark green, silvery green or variegated foliage. They have flowers that grow from the center of the plant. As the plant grows, it may produce baby plants called “pups.” These baby plants usually grow off the side of the mother plant. The flowers last for a very long time. Bromeliads do well in filtered sun – or in conditions that mimic the environment that they are typically found in when growing in the tropical or sub-tropical forests. These showy plants have shallow roots, so they may be damaged by severe weather.

outdoor plants


The unusual foliage of a Croton plant may make it a topic of conversation. This unique tropical plant thrives in warm, sunny locations. It is also suited to indoor growth. Croton plants don’t require a tremendous amount of care, but they really deliver on interest and drama. These plants would look fantastic on end tables, side tables, or any place that needs a touch of bright color.

You can’t go wrong with an exotic Orchid Plant. We can customize the planter and give you one, two, or three orchids. Orchids are planted in a soilless mix that we top with moss to create a whimsical, but sophisticated look. Orchids are delicate, but the warm Houston weather is sure to be the ideal climate to encourage growth and blooming. We support the orchids with a special plant stake and add some decorative twigs to the planter to capture the feeling that we whisked the plant out of a natural habitat.

outdoor plants

Blooming Orchid Plants

Think about decorating your outdoor entertaining space with lush, tropical green and flowering plants. They will bring any boring outdoor space back to life!