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Posted by Breens Florist on October 23, 2019 | Last Updated: October 20, 2022 Blog

6 Fun and Fast Ways to Decorate the Front Porch for Fall

At Breen’s Florist in Houston, one of our florists’ favorite parts of autumn is seeing all the festive front porches decorated to celebrate the season. Decorating your front porch for fall isn’t just a great way to get into the spirit of the season, it also makes your house look welcoming and cheerful, as the weather changes. With these quick tips, you’ll add curb appeal and impress your family, friends, and neighbors.

Kale, Mums, and Pumpkins

Fall Flowers

Flowers are a great way to get all the colors of autumn’s rainbow into your front porch decorations. Potted chrysanthemums are a fall favorite, but we also love marigolds, goldenrod, and lantana. You don’t have to be confined to classic autumn colors like yellow, orange and red; leafy green plants and potted kale will add a sumptuous element to your autumn display. Plus, since Houston weather allows, we also recommend decorating the front porch with tropical plants featuring traditional autumn colors, like crimson-colored bromeliads.

Front Door Wreath

Front Door Wreath

A proper autumn front porch display cannot neglect the front door, and the perfect way to feature it at the center of your design is with a beautiful fall wreath. Choose one featuring autumn floral colors that complement or contrast the color of your front door. Then add fun embellishments like miniature pumpkins, artificial autumn, and fluffy plaid or burlap ribbons.

Fall Porch

Go for a Garland

A front door featuring window panes, like the ones pictured, can make it difficult to securely attach a wreath. That doesn’t mean you should leave your entryway bare. To draw the eye upward and complete your autumn front porch design, consider draping your doorway with a festive garland featuring autumn flowers, colors, and greenery. You can even pair a garland with a wreath to really take your decorations to the next level.

Festive Fall Porch

Gourds and Pumpkins

Fall isn’t fall without pumpkins! We recommend selecting a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. You can also mix in a few oddly shaped gourds to add an interesting textural dynamic to your fall display. To make sure your pumpkins last through the season, refrain from carving into them. Instead, you can add autumn designs using stencils and paints or spray them with gold, copper, or silver metallic paint for a slightly more elegant take on autumn colors.

Fall Porch

Autumn Accents

Once you have your flowers, pumpkins, wreaths, and garlands, add a few fun accents to your display. You can tie up colorful cornstalks, stack a few bales of hay, or position a friendly scarecrow to welcome visitors.

Fall Textiles

Toasty Textiles

Now’s the time to put your summer pillows and door mats into storage and bring out warmer, softer textiles for fall. Drape flannel blankets and plaid pillows on your outdoor furniture for a cozy hot chocolate Saturday of reading while the weather changes.

Bring Your Display Indoors with Autumn Accents and Centerpieces

Wild About Autumn

If you spend most of your time enjoying the inside of your home, rather than coming and going from the outside, then you can bring the spirit of fall inside with floral centerpieces and decor designed specially for autumn. We recommend selecting arrangements featuring autumn colors like orange, yellow, red, and gold accented with softer tones like lavender or periwinkle. Our Wild About Autumn bouquet captures this look perfectly and will make the inside of your home feel cozy, too! To see our complete fall flower selection, we welcome you to visit our Houston showroom or order online today.