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Posted by Breens Florist on July 19, 2019 | Last Updated: July 25, 2019 Blog

5 Ways To Send Them Off To College In Style

Stylish Gifts For Students

College students are headed back to campus soon! We know you want to send them on their way with things they need and remind them of your care for them. Letting your college student go to college is an exciting adventure. They become independent and start to grow into who they will become. Support them in their endeavors with a fabulous gift that will let them know you care about them while supporting their effort towards success. The designers at Breen’s Florist have created a list of excellent gift items to send to your college student. They may not even realize they were missing something! Send them off in style with one or more of these great and helpful gift ideas.

Fresh Plants & Greenery for College Students

Fresh Greenery So They Know You Care Students will be delighted to receive a lush green plant or beautiful bouquet with a message about how proud you are of them! Tell them how much you love them, miss them and wish the best for them when you send a bouquet or long-lasting plant.

Good Vibrations sunny yellow floral bouquet in vase


Brighten any dorm room or college apartment when you send your student Good Vibrations. This design of yellow carnations, roses, lilies and plenty of lush green accents will light up their face and their room! The small, cylindrical leaf-wrapped vase is the perfect size for small spaces.





desktop garden plant in modern cube vase



Our Desktop Spathiphyllum makes a fresh, air-purifying addition to any desktop or small space. With a 4″ glass cube vase and easy-care broad green leaves, this design is perfect for inspiring any workspace.


Other Gifts

Gas/Grocery Gift Cards Let your college student have a breather in their tight budget once in a while. Send them a grocery or gas gift card to give their finances a break. Things are tight for college students. It’s great to be able to come home once in a while or have someone else pick up the tab.

Portable Chargers for Electronics Students are on the go and so are their electronics. Make sure you keep them powered up and charged for success when you invest in portable chargers for their laptops, tablets and cell phones.

Microwavable Snacks/Treats Students live for microwave meals. They’re quick, easy and often don’t involve much cleanup. Send some fantastic microwave treats or even some accessories that help to make something almost homemade: scrambled eggs or s’mores, anyone?

Noise-Cancelling Headphones On a busy college campus it can be really difficult to find a quiet spot to study. With noise-cancelling headphones, students can block out the sound around them even in the noisiest student lounge. Help your student study successfully with headphones that block it all out.


Students need to know you care more than anything. Send something useful, practical and from the heart to show your student what they mean to you. Talk to the design team at Breen’s Florist for more great ideas about how you can send your college student off to school in style.