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Posted by Breens Florist on September 17, 2015 Blog

You Will Love These Fall Flowers

fall flowersAlthough the official start of autumn isn’t until Wednesday, September 23rd, there’s no reason we can’t start decorating with fall colors the moment September arrives. When the kids go back to school, we trade scorching summer days for warm autumn evenings and the “fall back” of the time change. Fall flowers from Breen’s Florist are a beautiful way to usher in the season even if Houston doesn’t always cooperate with crisp autumn temperatures.

What are the Official Flowers of Autumn?

One of the most popular flowers of fall is the chrysanthemum, and it’s the official birthday flower for November. You’ll start seeing baskets of mums sitting on doorsteps, and they’re a popular feature for holiday decorations throughout the fall. Asters, lilies, and gerbera daisies are also perfect fall blooms. Imagine a vivid flower arrangement in bold primary colors like red and yellow with lilies, daisies, and asters.

fall flowers

Citrus Noir

Did you know that asters are the official flower of September? If you’re planning a party for September, or you have a friend with a September birthday, send them a vase that features asters. Marigolds are the official flower of October, and November owns the chrysanthemum as its birthday flower. For a gift, you might also choose an indoor green plant like a pothos plant that will remain vibrantly green throughout the season and into the new year.

fall flowers

Pothos Pole Ivy

Adding Fall Flowers to Your Party

One of the best ways to choose your autumn flowers is to concentrate on the vibrant colors associated with holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. You might envision vibrant orange and yellow cornucopias and tri-color candy corn in the form of yellow gerbera daisies and bright orange roses. Or, celebrate the fall apple harvest with a beautiful arrangement of sunflowers and roses surrounded by red apples.

fall flowers

Apple Harvest

If you’re looking for the perfect flower for a casual gift or for decoration during a party with close friends, you may want to consider the gerbera daisy. An arrangement of peach, crimson, and lemon gerbera daisies will look beautiful on a table or desk, and they’re the perfect gift at work for a friend who has a fall birthday.

fall flowers

Dizzy Daisy

As the gardens around our homes start resting for the season, it’s time to start decorating inside with flowers for autumn. Any flower that’s bright and vibrant is a perfect bloom for the season. This year, make sure your celebrations, birthdays, and holidays feature beautiful fall flowers.