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Posted by Breens Florist on October 20, 2015 Blog

Using Pumpkin Planters to Create a Halloween Atmosphere in Your Home

halloweenIn places north of Houston, folks would refer to our warm October temperatures as “Indian Summer.” We may be in the peak of Autumn in other locations, but it’s hard to get into the Halloween spirit when you feel the warm Gulf breezes every time you go outside. Our Breen’s Florist team is feeling the Halloween spirit, and we want our Houston-area customers to feel psyched about the holiday, too.


Contrary to popular belief, Halloween isn’t a genuinely American holiday. It started in the British Isles with the Celtic Pagans. At the end of the yearly harvest, the Celts would hold an annual celebration in honor of the successful harvest and to ring in the new year. The Ancient Romans had their similar festival that honored the Goddess of trees and fruit, Pomona.


After Christianity had spread across Europe and into England, the Church went to great lengths to suppress Pagan observances and worship. Instead of banning the “illegal” activities, church leaders decided to appropriate them and incorporate them into their Christian traditions. According to the Catholic Church calendar, November 1st is always celebrated as the Feast of All Saints, otherwise known as All Saints Day. The day after that, November 2nd, is known as All Souls’ Day.


Pumpkin Spice

Since Samhain was celebrated before the Feast of All Saints, it made sense to take over that festival and turn it into a Christian observance for celebrating the day that honored all Christian saints. The name was changed to All Hallows’ Eve. Eventually, that name was shortened, and it came to be known as Halloween, the name we know it by today.


We hope you will welcome the harvest and celebrate it by decorating your home with traditional Halloween decorations. To celebrate Halloween, we’ve created two exclusive floral arrangements using real pumpkins for containers. We hope you’ll love them as much as we do and want to share them with your friends and family, or enjoy them in your home.


Welcome back our new and improved Pumpkin Spice” arrangement. Our most popular fall arrangement from last year is back with a twist. Each of our real pumpkins is filled with warm and sunny sunflowers, roses, Asiatic lilies and an abundance of fall goodness.


Pumpkin Patch

Spread the Halloween cheer among many people or enjoy this Breen’s exclusive all alone. Our “Pumpkin Patch” consists of three real miniature pumpkins, each of which is filled with a unique flower arrangement. These delightful little pumpkins will spice up your workplace or add some fall décor to your home.