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Posted by Breens Florist on May 19, 2016 | Last Updated: May 24, 2021 Blog

Using Flowers for Your Outdoor Parties

outdoor partiesAs days get longer and lazier, we spend more time outside – especially in the evenings, to enjoy cooler air and stunning sunsets. If your outdoor spaces are a bit neglected in the summertime due to the heat, Breen’s has some beautiful ideas on how to spruce up and beautify patios and decks for all of your outdoor parties!

outdoor partiesTap into the inspiration and the southwest, and take advantage of the succulent’s hardy nature with these arrangements made of cacti and desert plants. They will turn your backyard space into a desert oasis, and bring a cool ambiance to your gatherings. In these containers they are easily moved to best accent the décor and setting, and can be brought inside when the party of over. Imagine your guests and a setting sun, surrounded by these amazing arrangements that celebrate the unique plants of summer.

outdoor partiesAnother way to easily decorate for summer gatherings is by strategically placing flowering green plants around the area. These arrangements are also easily moved in and outdoors depending on the need, but allow you to instantly create a “garden” for your party. Whether hyacinth, hydrangea, azalea or kalanchoe, vivid plants add splashes of color to a green yard. Arrange sporadically around the space, or hang from plant hooks or shepherd hooks for a gardener’s touch.

outdoor partiesIf your party involves place settings and a sit-down dinner, choose centerpieces that set the mood – wildflowers for a barbecue, roses for an intimate date or tropical plants for a luau. Whatever the setting, whatever the theme – the easiest way to set the mood this summer is with gorgeous plants and flowers from Breen’s Florist. This summer, invite some friends, choose the menu and order some flowers – then get outside and have fun!