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Posted by Breens Florist on May 25, 2016 | Last Updated: May 24, 2021 Blog

Tropical Summer Decor

tropical flowersTexas is known for a lot of things. Big cities, great food, miles of open space – but you may not realize that we are a humid sub-tropical climate. This climate is defined as having peak summer rainfall, generally attached to thunderstorms; and a period drought during cool, mild winters.

tropical flowersThere are some sub-tropical plants that are popular in floral arrangements, including bromeliads and heliconia, which both exhibit broad, vibrant and unique leaves and flowers. These two plants are practically emblematic of the sub-tropics but aren’t the only ones. For instance, the bright orange profile of the bird of paradise is not only popular in vases, but in flowerbeds of area homes. Combine these sensational flowers with more delicate blossoms to create an eclectic floral display in vibrant hues, and your space will take on the air of the tropics.

tropical flowersIf you are looking for additional plants to transform your home into a tropical rain forest, consider these colorful blooms that exude paradise. Hibiscus flowers evoke feelings of Hawaiian breezes; plumeria are used to create leis and beautiful floral wreaths, and the dramatic red ginger plant will add stature to any bouquet. The popular anthurium plant may not have a household name, but its large red waxy petals are easily recognizable. The orchid is considered both tropical and exotic and is one of the most coveted flowers of its class. With a wide range of colors and exquisite blooms, orchids can complement any décor with grace and beauty.

tropical flowersAt Breen’s Florist, we specialize in creating floral arrangements that will either fit into your current décor or help to transform your space from stoic to stunning! This summer, surround yourself with summer tropical flowers to set a carefree, exotic mood – call Breen’s today, and relax like you are in the islands.