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Posted by Breens Florist on November 9, 2015 Blog

The Peace Lily: The Perfect Plant Gift for World Peace Day

In 1997, a man by the name of Don Morris launched a World Peace Day campaign. It is now observed everywhere on November 17th. Morris is affectionately known as the “Peaceguy.” World Peace Day isn’t an official holiday or observance. The fact that it exists is due to the grassroots efforts of Morris. He envisioned this yearly event as an opportunity for each of us to make a commitment to work for peace, and to put our money where our mouths are. Our floral design team here at Breen’s Florist loves to help our customers customize one of our designs or choose the most personal plant or flower arrangement for any occasion.


Morris envisioned a show of solidarity for World Peace Day through automobile headlights. He thought that people should drive with their headlights on because the impact of however many headlights that were on throughout the world would be a strong indication of worldwide solidarity.


That isn’t the only way by which people are encouraged to celebrate in their communities. Not long after the Sandy Hook Elementary School Tragedy, Sue DiCicco launched a project she called “Armed with the Arts.” She wanted to teach children about learning to channel their creativity as an alternative to violence. Soon after that, a call from the United Nations International Peace Day NGO transformed her simple idea into a global project. For that, she came up with The Peace Crane Project.


She may not have been aware that a young girl had launched a project of her own in Japan in the 1950s as she battled Leukemia, the disease that was referred to as the A-Bomb disease. One of her school friends told her about a Japanese legend where people who were sick could recover if they made 1,000 origami paper cranes. Unfortunately, Sadako didn’t live long enough to make a thousand paper cranes. Today, people distribute paper cranes everywhere as a global initiative on World Peace Day.


We’re sure everyone we know has been unkind or judgmental at some time or another. World Peace Day is about making amends and being kind to people you may have hurt.


One plant, in particular, is especially well suited to the theme of peace. That plant is called Spathiphyllum. It is commonly known as Peace Lily. This easy-to-grow houseplant adapts to most light conditions. It has dark green shiny leaves and white flower spikes. Extend an olive branch and show someone some kindness with a gift of a peace lily.