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Posted by Breens Florist on October 14, 2018 Blog

Spooky and Spectacular Floral Designs For Halloween

Halloween here at Breen’s Florist, and we hope you don’t scare easily because we’ve got some delightfully frightful designs in the shop. Care to craft a bewitching table this year? Looking to beguile that special someone? Want to give the little pretties a little something fun? Then come a little closer¬†and take a peek, we dare you.

There are lots of reasons to make Halloween flowers a part of your decorating scheme. You may not want a vase of floating eyeballs on your dining room table, for one. And for two, flowers can create a lot of atmosphere–it’s kind of their thing–and really set that creepy tone you’re after. Take Pumpkinhead, for example. This is a beautiful blend of a traditional fall floral arrangement with the macabre. Pumpkins hover over roses, carnations and mums, dark branches looming like a barren forest in the background.

Plus, Halloween floral designs can function as both decor and gift. Give adorable¬†Arachnaphobia to your kids and let her live there on the kitchen table all month (mums are so enduring, aren’t they?). They’ll thrill at the gift, and you’ll have the perfect piece of decor. It’s a devilishly good deal all around.