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Posted by Breens Florist on March 24, 2015 Blog

Some Fun Things About Tulips

shutterstock_248293039Hailing from central Asia, the tulip is commonly viewed as a lovely spring flower that adds a burst of color wherever it is placed. A perennial flower that grows from bulbs, the tulip typically blooms for just under one week. The story of how the tulip came to its place of popularity is quite an interesting one.

The tulip was very popular in central Asia and to this day it remains a national flower in Afghanistan. The English word ‘tulip’ can actually trace its origins to the Persian word for ‘turban’, although it unknown if this is because it was common to wear tulips on the turban or because the flower resembles a turban.

From central Asia the flower spread to Turkey and then into Europe. When it reached the Netherlands, it fell into the hands of Carolus Clusius, who cultivated it and helped it reach a place of prominence. He even developed several of his own variations. People loved the flower so much that the period known as ‘Tulip mania’, one of the first ‘speculative bubbles’ arose in the 1630’s as people tried to get their hands on some of the valuable tulip bulbs.

Today the tulip remains popular and is a spring perennial that people love having in their gardens or as cut flowers on their kitchen counter. The colors have come to be associated with a number of different symbols with the flower itself generally use to represent love.

Yellow: Happy thoughts and sunshine

White: Worthiness or to send a message of forgiveness

Red: True love

Purple: Royalty

At Breen’s Florist, we enjoy using the varied colors of the tulip to develop beautiful arrangements that delight our customers. Some of our favorites would be the following.

Multicolor tulip arrangement

This arrangement is perfect for spring. By combining four different color tulips, the arrangement looks stunning and ready to light up the room.

Everythings Coming Up Tulips

Everythings Coming Up Tulips

Mixed spring arrangement

Usher in spring with an incredible arrangement like this one. We use some beautiful pink tulips with stunning colors from incredible yellow Asiatic lilies and roses, and blue delphinium. The color combination is perfect from bringing some sunshine indoors.

Joy of Spring

Joy of Spring

As spring quickly approaches, people begin to eagerly await the blooming that will occur in their gardens. Bring some of the stunning season indoors with a lovely arrangement with some tulips. The incredible color of this flower makes it a fantastic pick for this time of year.