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Posted by Breens Florist on June 6, 2016 | Last Updated: May 24, 2021 Blog

Roses for June

rosesJune is special for so many reasons.

With school letting out, kids are liberated and looking forward to a long summer. Father’s Day is coming up, and many weddings will take place. In fact, June is one of the most popular months for weddings across the country. The rose also has a very big part to play in June, for three main reasons. The first is connected to all those weddings – roses are often the flower of choice for brides, with the white rose being the most frequent choice. Interestingly, in early history, the white rose was also considered the bloom that represented true love. Although the red rose eventually took over that honor, the white rose bouquet is still an iconic arrangement for wedding ceremonies.

rosesRed roses are the reason for our second reason to celebrate in June. The 12th of the month is set aside as Red Rose Day, observed by gardeners, florists, botanists and garden lovers. This special day is simply to express admiration for the near perfect red rose, which is emblematic of love, passion and all things romantic. Whether you visit a rose garden or give a single red rose to the one you love, surprise them by knowing that June 12th holds such special meaning.

rosesFinally, the rose is the official birth flower of June. Therefore for all your friends, relatives and loved ones celebrating this month, the rose is the right choice! Of course, red or white might not be appropriate for everyone in your life, but never fear. The rose comes in such a wide spectrum of color that the right bouquet is easy to achieve – yellow roses for friendship, pink roses for admiration, orange roses for the excitement of a new relationship or purple to say “I’m enchanted by you!”

rosesWith so many reasons to give roses this month, don’t waste any time – call Breen’s Florist to make sure the perfect rose is ready for your occasion.