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Posted by Breens Florist on May 11, 2017 | Last Updated: June 14, 2021 Blog

Spring Florals – Peonies to Tropical Arrangements

tropical arrangements

Every season has its own charms – and in the springtime, flowers are on display.  From the blooms on the side of the road to gardens overflowing with color, flowers are one of the most visible ambassadors of this time of the year. As we head into the summer, it is time to throw open the windows and let the fresh air in – and fill your home with these popular late spring florals from Breen’s Florist.

Although there are many choices of floral varieties, these are two of our favorite ways to decorate with flowers – peonies and tropical arrangements.  tropical arrangementsIt is no surprise that peonies are so widely acclaimed. This coveted flower blooms in the late spring and into early summer and provides us with some of the most lavish and generous flowers available. In particular, double peony varieties (such as shown above) grow petals so numerous that they completely obscure the crown of the flower, and create a ball of petals that is both luxurious and elegant. Peonies come in every color except blue – and their flower heads can grow as large as 10 inches across.

Isn’t It Romantic? The peony is the perfect choice when designing a wedding bouquet, as it represents prosperity and marital happiness.

tropical arrangementsAnother seasonal style we see in the springtime are tropical arrangements. With vivid colors and dramatic lines, these floral designs speak to all the excitement, freedom and beauty of impending summer. These vibrant displays most often showcase orange birds-of-paradise, red ginger, protea and anthurium, purple orchids, and yellow mums. There is no better way to bring the vibe of vacation into your home, than with these gorgeous tropical arrangements!

Whether a special occasion or just because, the flowers that decorate your life are at Breen’s Florist. For the freshest flowers and most creative designs in Houston, give us a call.