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Posted by Breens Florist on June 30, 2015 | Last Updated: July 27, 2022 Blog

Outdoor Plants for Summer Parties

outdoor plantsTexans are lucky to live in a climate that’s conducive to outdoor entertaining for most of the year. However, summer is extra special because it means poolside gatherings, barbecues, and enjoying the great weather with outdoor socializing and activities. Houston doesn’t often have to contend with the cold winter temperatures that make it impossible for residents of Northern and Central Texas, to grow tropical green and flowering plants outdoors all year long. Breen’s Florist is pleased to be able to offer our customers, some beautiful tropical plants that are ideally suited to container growing on patios, balconies, or decks.

We’ve come up with some suggestions that may inspire you to forego traditional flower arrangements for your summer parties, and consider replacing them with potted green and flowering plants.

Bromeliads are often found in tropical and subtropical forests and rainforests. These lush looking plants are characterized by dark green, silvery green or variegated foliage. They have flowers that grow from the center of the plant. As the plant grows, it may produce baby plants called “pups.” These baby plants usually grow off the side of the mother plant. The flowers last for a very long time. Bromeliads do well in filtered sun – or in conditions that mimic the environment that they are typically found in when growing in the tropical or sub-tropical forests. These showy plants have shallow roots, so they may be damaged by severe weather.

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The unusual foliage of a Croton plant may make it a topic of conversation. This unique tropical plant thrives in warm, sunny locations. It is also suited to indoor growth. Croton plants don’t require a tremendous amount of care, but they really deliver on interest and drama. These plants would look fantastic on end tables, side tables, or any place that needs a touch of bright color.

You can’t go wrong with an exotic Orchid Plant. We can customize the planter and give you one, two, or three orchids. Orchids are planted in a soilless mix that we top with moss to create a whimsical, but sophisticated look. Orchids are delicate, but the warm Houston weather is sure to be the ideal climate to encourage growth and blooming. We support the orchids with a special plant stake and add some decorative twigs to the planter to capture the feeling that we whisked the plant out of a natural habitat.

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Blooming Orchid Plants

Think about decorating your outdoor entertaining space with lush, tropical green and flowering plants. They will bring any boring outdoor space back to life!