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Posted by Breens Florist on October 15, 2015 | Last Updated: May 24, 2021 Blog

Mother-in-Law Day

mother-in-lawThere are all sorts of unofficial national days of observance. These events are designed to highlight traditional things such as games, foods, or people. The fourth Sunday of October is National Mother-in-Law’s Day. In 2015, the date occurs on October 25. Mothers-in-law always seem to get a bad rap, regardless of whether or not the reasons for this unfavorable reputation are justified.


The inspiration for Mother-in-Law’s Day was Mother’s Day. The idea for honoring the mother-in-law of a daughter or son was initiated by a top editor of the Amarillo, Texas newspaper. The first celebration occurred on March 5, 1934. It isn’t known when the day was moved from March to the end of October. For many couples, the relationship that one spouse has with their mother-in-law is a contentious one. That’s unfortunate because she is no less a part of your family than your mother is.


Mother-in-law’s day gives couples the opportunity to get to know their spouse’s mother and vice versa. In the process, you may learn things about your spouse that you never knew. A good relationship with in-law’s fosters a better relationship between couples.


We feel pretty strongly that every mother-in-law deserves the same kind of special day that is accorded to mothers. By sending a gift of flowers to your spouse’s mother, you are also sending a warm and loving message. When you surprise your mother-in-law when she least expects it, you’ll warm her heart and open the lines of communication beyond what either of you thought could be possible.


We want to encourage all of our customers to honor their mothers-in-law on Sunday, October 25, 2015. If you don’t know what to get her or aren’t sure about the most appropriate floral arrangements, we chose a few of our favorites. We hope you find our choices helpful. We know that any mother-in-law will be surprised and delighted to receive flowers from her son or daughter-in-law.


Twilight Squared

When you want someone to know how much they mean to you, you can’t go wrong with roses. Our signature “TWILIGHT” Rose is the epitome of a perfect rose. Give your mother-in-law Twilight Squared. We put 24 of our signature roses in a cube-shaped vase. The contrast between the large roses and the tiny waxflowers gives the arrangement a more elegant and sophisticated look.

English Elegance

English Elegance

There’s no reason to cross the pond to enjoy the look and smell of an English country garden. English Elegance is a combination of lavender, purple, green and blue flowers. We user roses, hydrangeas, stock, delphinium and sprigs of hypericum berries.


Don’t forget to honor your mother-in-law on National Mother-in-Law Day. You can always count on the floral design team at Breen’s Florist to help you choose or create a spectacular arrangement that’s sure to surprise and delight your spouse’s mother.