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Posted by Breens Florist on July 15, 2015 | Last Updated: May 24, 2021 Blog

Make Someone Smile Week

make someone smileNow entering its sixteenth year, Make Someone Smile® Week began as a Teleflora sponsored charity event in the floral industry. Florists from across the country eagerly participate because it gives them a chance to cheer people up with flowers. From the start, the unwavering goal has always centered on making people smile, and in particular, reaching out to people who might feel like they are forgotten, or those who are alone, isolated, hospitalized or confined to nursing homes and other facilities. This fun yearly event takes place during the week of July 19 through July 25. Everyone at Breen’s Florist is thrilled to be involved in an event that spreads happiness to people through the sharing of flowers.

Houston is home to some of the most distinguished hospitals in the country – if not the world. People travel to places like M.D. Anderson because it is known as a world-class cancer research and care facility. We are sure that any patient receiving care there could stand to be cheered up. That’s why we’re encouraging the entire Houston community, and our customers, to take the time to bring some joy to someone who could stand to smile – even if only for a day.

Think of your elderly parents, grandparents or other relatives who may be confined to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or someone who may be receiving hospice care. These scenarios all describe people who would be thrilled to receive flowers during this important week. Whether you deliver them to a recipient yourself, or let us deliver the flowers, we’re positive that your small gesture will have a huge impact on the spirits and mood of the person who receives the flowers.

We thought of a few suggestions in the hope that they might inspire you to Make Someone Smile® during this week-long charity event.

There’s something about a yellow rose in Texas – and it has a lot more meaning than the words of a famous song, or the sentiments that are associated with the song. It’s as if the yellow rose has become a Texas tradition, and the color is both happy and summery, and that makes it a perfect flower to choose when you’re looking for a way to cheer someone up.

make someone smile

Circling the Sun

Circling the Sun epitomizes summer with its beautiful yellow roses, bright sunny sunflowers, and pincushion Proteas. You’ll also see decorative accents that include Croton leaves. This sophisticated and elegant arrangement tells someone you care and is guaranteed to make him or her smile in gratitude.

make someone smile

Rain or Shine

Our Rain or Shine consists of white and yellow daisies that we carefully arrange in a clear glass bubble bowl. Daisies are always cheerful flowers, and they are typically associated with happiness. You can’t help but make someone smile when you send him or her a smile – in the form of smiling daisies.