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Posted by Breens Florist on December 26, 2018 Blog

Invigorate Your New Year

The new year is a great time for preparing to make changes that will enhance and improve our lives. Each year we make resolutions and seek to better ourselves. One easy way to invigorate your new year is with flowers! The floral experts at Breen’s Florist can show you several reasons plants and flowers in your world can truly make a positive impact on your daily health and well-being.

  • Flowers purify the air. Plants and flowers are natural air fresheners, absorbing toxins that can cause headaches, congestion and other cold symptoms, while giving off a fresh fragrance that will leave you feel renewed and refreshed.
  • Flowers reduce stress. The color green is a known stress-reducer, so placing flowers with leafy green foliage nearby is sure to help you lower stress and anxiety levels by presenting a calm, relaxing atmosphere.
  • Flowers boost creativity. Viewing your favorite color has been proven to enhance creative thought. The next time you’re in a creative slump, bring home your favorite colored blooms for a quick, easy boost of ingenuity.

One gorgeous way to revive yourself in the new year is with our Silver Bells display. This design features white orchids blooming atop blue and white hydrangea, accented with blue thistle and plenty of stylish blue and sliver curling accents. Invigorate your senses with this delightful piece or send to someone you know could use a boost this new year.

Let your new year be full of healthy, happy moments when you begin it with a gorgeous display of flowers. The floral artisans at Breen’s Florist will be glad to help you find the design that’s perfect for you.