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Posted by Breens Florist on February 7, 2017 Blog

International Women’s Day, Local & Global

international women's day

For over a century, International Women’s Day has celebrated the social, cultural, political, and economic contributions and achievements of women. Recognized in 20 countries, the initiative has borne witness to a lot of victorious moments but has also confronted heartbreaking challenge and injustice. Looking ahead with bold confidence, the groups that make up the collective effort continue to work towards gender parity, social justice, equality for everyone. Those intimately involved with the movement are very aware that the responsibility for fighting for these rights doesn’t fall on the shoulders of one entity – be it a non-profit, a corporation, a social action committee, or a government. Rather, true advancements are made when all band together with others around the globe.

On March 8th, join the movement by posting your activities with the hashtag #BeBoldForChange.

International Women's Day

The activities and events which take place worldwide (nd in 33 U.S. cities) include exhibitions, concerts, awards ceremonies, fun runs, movie premieres, formal luncheons, career fairs, and keynote events. But if you want to observe this day locally and personally, just look at the women who surround you! There are thousands of women in Houston who inspire people every day

* The professor who teaches young women, promoting confidence, knowledge, and competence in their field.

* The small business owner who is providing quality jobs to the local community

* The mom who is raising compassionate children who are aware of the needs of others

* The politician who is creating policy and changing the government on the local, regional and state levels

* The professional mentoring young women regarding job skills.

* The philanthropist who invests in women’s business ventures.

* The guidance counselor who encourages girls to enter non-traditional fields of study

* The CEO who inspires women to climb higher in an organization

* The young girl who dreams of changing the world.

These ladies – and many more – are doing their part every day to raise the flag for women in Houston, and throughout the world!

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