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Posted by Breens Florist on April 6, 2017 | Last Updated: July 27, 2022 Blog

Indoor Green Plant and Succulent Care

succulent care

Filling your home with indoor plants, flowers, and succulents is an easy way to transform your decor – but for someone who doesn’t have a green thumb, such a thought may be intimidating. You don’t have to worry when you purchase from Breen’s Florist. Not only will we make sure that you get a high-quality product, but our experts are happy to educate you as to how to care for them. We have been adding natural beauty to homes and offices in Houston for decades!

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A succulent adds style, class, and sophistication to a desktop. Although there are many different types of succulents – and some have specific care instructions – here are some of the basics of easy maintenance.
* Use well-draining soil such as cactus soil, sand, gravel or volcanic rock.
* Let the soil dry between waterings, as succulents hate to have “wet feet”.
* Many succulents are dormant over winter months. Succulents in spring may look dull and listless. Simply situate in sunlight for a half to a full day.succulent care

The peace lily can grow to be several feet tall or can be of the desktop variety. They feature lush green leaves and produce white flowers. To keep a peace lily thriving, follow these simple instructions.
* Keep the soil lightly moist – but do not overwater.
* In the winter months, fertilize every 6 weeks, and repot in fresh soil in the spring.
* Moderate, indirect light is best for the overall health of the peace lily. If you desire more flowers, move to a location with less light.succulent careIs there any indoor flowering plant more beautiful than the orchid? The rare elegance seems to indicate that it would be difficult to care for, but this popular phalaenopsis orchid is actually fairly low maintenance.
* Locate in a moderately bright environment, such as a room with a large window.
* The orchid requires watering only when it begins to dry out, usually every 7-10 days.
* Fertilize with an orchid formula, and repot with fresh mix when the blooming season is done.
* If you see spotting on leaves or flowers, check that roots are not saturated.

Succulent, flowering plant, or orchid – these are just a few of the favorite indoor plants available at Breen’s Florist. No matter what your personal style and preference, we’ll make sure that you’ll be enjoying them for months to come! Call us today, or stop into our Houston shop to speak to the experts.