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Posted by Breens Florist on December 29, 2014 Blog

Flowers for the New Year

shutterstock_229555180The hope and expectations for the new year culminate as you count down the seconds to midnight with your friends and family. You’ll want to choose your flowers and decorations to help create an atmosphere of high spirits and festivity.

Classic Flowers for the New Year

We associate roses with Valentine’s Day and we think of chrysanthemums during the autumn. For the New Year, your choices range from elegant lilies in tall, crystal vases to sweet Amaryllis joined by pine cones, silver bells, and holly inspired by the winter season.

Celebrate the whimsy and passion of New Year’s with towering snapdragons, friendly tulips, and elegant orchids. From cozy arrangements for your New Year’s dinner table to beautiful vases that decorate your holiday mantle, flowers are a vibrant addition to your holiday celebration.

Choosing Colors for New Year’s Flowers

When you think of the confetti that rains down in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, it’s every color of the rainbow. Your New Year’s flowers will look just as beautiful in colorful hues that help make your party sparkle.

White flowers that celebrate the snowfall and winter of the season are also a beautiful addition to your party. Greet your guests with an elegant vase of white oriental lilies, or decorate your table with a lovely bowl of calla lilies and white hydrangea.



Start a Holiday Tradition with Flowers

You look forward to celebrating with your friends and family each year, and they love the way you decorate your home with streamers, flowers, and confetti. This year, create a signature arrangement with your favorite blooms.┬áLet Breen’s Florist help you create the perfect look!

Or send your friends and family who can’t celebrate with you some flowers so they can ring in the New Year with a token of your affection and a beautiful arrangement for their home. Even if your loved ones are thousands of miles away, you can still celebrate with them with a gift of flowers.

When you hear “Auld Lang Syne” on the radio at midnight and everyone toasts the New Year, make sure your guests enjoy the lovely scent and beauty of a festive New Year’s flower arrangement.