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Posted by Breens Florist on December 18, 2014 Blog

Christmas Decorating for the Home

With the clock ticking away until Christmshutterstock_235167862as, it’s time to get your home in tip top shape for the holiday. Whether you’re having a lavish celebration with friends and family, or are expecting lots of drop in visitors throughout the season, there’s more to sprucing up the house than simply putting up a Christmas tree and having lights inside and outside.


Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus

Capture the festive spirit of Christmas and the holiday season in every room in your house. You can do it with something as simple as a Christmas cactus, and enjoy it’s blooms and interesting leaves beyond the holidays. Put a Norfolk Island Pine – decorated with ornaments and holiday bows in a bedroom, a guest room or other bright room. It will give your guests the feeling of having a tiny Christmas tree in their room.

 Create ambiance throughout the house – by putting a deliciously fragrant Cinnamon Cider Basket on console tables, on a table in your entryway, or even an end table. The scent of cinnamon that comes from the real sticks, goes beautifully with fresh apples, neatly nestled in a basket with holiday greenery, pine cones and a whimsical bow.


Candy Cane Celebration!

Candy Cane Floral Arrangement

Decorate With a Peppermint and Candy Cane Theme


Crank up the happiness with Peppermint Joy, a festive arrangement of red roses, candy cane mini carnations, Christmas greens, a red and white gingham ribbon and candy canes. Candy Cane Celebration will look perfect in any room. This delightful bouquet combines red and white carnations, pine cones, pine boughs and candy canes in a cube shaped vase that’s accented with an elegant red ribbon.



Merry Christmas Centerpiece

A Very Merry Christmas Centerpiece

No home is fully decorated for Christmas without the quintessential greenery. Evergreen branches or wreaths, pine boughs, holly leaves and berries, and the fragrance of Christmas trees are part of the holiday tradition. Start the decorating at the front door with a beautiful 36 inch Holiday Wreath. A fragrant wreath with a huge red bow is a fabulous way to greet your visitors and family members this holiday season.


No Christmas or holiday meal table is complete without A Very Merry Christmas Centerpiece. This sprawling arrangement is packed full of Christmas greens, red and white flowers, holly, red berries, pine cones, small ornaments and a lovely red ribbon to tie it altogether. Two tall taper candles are anchored in the center, making sure you and your guests will enjoy the candlelight meals.