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Posted by Breens Florist on March 28, 2016 | Last Updated: May 24, 2021 Blog

Celebrate National Lawn and Garden Month With Spring Flowers in Your Home

lawn and gardenBy the time April rolls around while our neighbors in Northern states are getting excited about the prospect of putting their winter coats and boots away, Houstonians are undoubtedly running the air conditioner. When Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack issued his 2015 proclamation declaring that April would be recognized as National Garden Month, he turned what had formerly been an unofficial observance known as National Lawn and Garden Month, into an official national celebration.

The reasoning behind his decision to mark April as the month during which gardens would be celebrated was logical. Throughout most of the country, April is the soonest that there would be any visible signs of spring. Vilsack’s Proclamation linked the National Garden Month with the USDA Peoples’ Garden Initiative, which he launched in 2009. That initiative was an attempt to get Americans to develop a greater connection with gardening. It was also an effort to introduce children to gardening and to develop community gardens all over the country, its territories, and in 12 foreign countries.

The year-round temperate weather in Texas allows people to enjoy their yards and gardens all year. Our state is known throughout the world for its spectacular wildflowers and the show they put on every year – particularly in the famous Hill Country, is something to behold.

When you’re surrounded by so much natural beauty outside, it’s pretty darn easy to forget about bringing that beauty into your home. Let’s face it, there are probably going to be days where it’s miserably humid outside, or when it’s raining so hard that the referring to Houston as the Bayou City isn’t too farfetched.

Why not brighten your home, warm up the atmosphere on your screened-in porch or covered deck, or turn your entertaining or dining space into a warm, inviting and tranquil space? We’ve come up with some floral design ideas that we’re sure will transform any boring, drab or boring places in your home, into a far happier environment. Your family, friends, and guests will appreciate it.

Tulips are the quintessential early indicator that spring has sprung. You can never have too many tulips in a bouquet, and that’s what you get with our Tulips Galore arrangement. We fill a cylindrical vase full of loads of tulips in assorted bright colors.

For those dreary days when it feels like the rain will never stop, shower your home with some floral sunshine. Our gorgeous Spring Has Sprung arrangement represents our interpretation of Spring flowers and then some. We give you the sunshine with a mixture of yellow roses, yellow tulips, and yellow daffodils. We break up the monochromatic palette with a layer of elegant hydrangeas. The short cylindrical vase makes this the perfect design for a coffee or end table, a small breakfast table, the nightstands in your bedroom, or just about anywhere you want some color in your home.

Let the floral design team at Breen’s Florist help you fill your home with a variety of spring’s most beautiful, colorful and fragrant flowers!