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Posted by Breens Florist on March 14, 2016 | Last Updated: February 28, 2023 Blog

Breen’s Florist – Easter Flowers

easter flowersEvery flower is unique and special, and each family’s Easter tradition has differences as well. Whether your Easter includes a religious observance, or you plan on spending the day hunting for Easter eggs, there is no question that everyone holds the holiday in a special place. It seems however we celebrate, and whatever our customs – flowers are always a meaningful part of it. Breen’s is delighted to share the floral traditions of Easter.

There are many flowers that have come to symbolize springtime, and by extension, the Easter holiday.

The most commonly associated flower with Easter is the white lily; the magnificent blossom is thought to signify divinity and renewal, and it is closely tied to the biblical Resurrection story.

The crocus is known to be the first herald of the new season, the adventurous blooms often poke up through snow and frost, seemingly impatient for the beginning of spring.

The daffodil is also one of the first flowers that appear in the spring; its sunny demeanor and warm vibrant hue make it one of the most popular blooms to give and receive during the Easter season.

easter flowers

Spring is all about the colors, and the Easter palettes range from pastels to vibrant. Whatever the hue, however, seasonal spring flowers are gorgeous, exciting, vivid, and striking. Tulips may be one of the most recognizable flowers of spring and don’t seem to feel truly at home during any other season. To celebrate all the beauty and hope of the season, accentuate your home décor with this extravagant bouquet of tulips. Whether to greet guests at the front door, or to grace your holiday table – this eye-catching display will impress all who see it.

Spring brings with it fresh outlooks and fresh dreams – make sure to decorate your world with fresh flowers as well. Breen’s Florist is your one-stop shop for all your Easter and spring floral needs – as Houston’s premier florist, we look forward to providing you with floral arrangements and bouquets for every occasion.