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Posted by Breens Florist on December 27, 2016 | Last Updated: December 31, 2016 Blog

Birthstone Bouquets to Celebrate the Year in Birthdays

birthstonesWhen sending a floral bouquet for a special birthday, there are many ways that you can choose the types of flowers to send. If you know their favorite type of flower, that is a great choice. Or perhaps you want to send a big bouquet of their favorite color of blooms. But a truly meaningful way to choose is to learn a bit about their personal birthstone and to have a custom arrangement designed just for them. After all, birthstones are thought to convey magical properties and special meanings – so floral birthstone bouquets are sure to make an impression.Birthstones were thought to have originated with ancient cultures, so they have a long and colorful history. Although the list of birthstones has changed over the centuries, it has remained largely the same for the last 100 years. For your convenience, here is a list of each month’s associated birthstone and the color it exhibits.

birthstone bouquetsJanuary – Garnet (red – gerberas, roses)          
 – Amethyst (purple -roses, hyacinth, lilac)   
 – Aquamarine (light blue – hydrangea)
April – Diamond (white with crystal or metallic accents – roses or lilies)
May – Emerald (deep green – bells of Ireland, Fuji mums)      
 – Pearl (white – roses, lilies, orchids)
July – Ruby (red – roses, hibiscus)
August – Peridot (light green – cymbidium orchids)
September – Sapphire (deep blue – delphinium)
October – Opal (creamy white – roses)
November – Topaz (amber – white flowers with amber vase and copper accents)
December – Turquoise (light blue – hydrangea, periwinkle)

birthstone bouquetsBirthstone bouquets allow you to give a gift that reflects all the glamor and beauty of the gemstone. Not sure where to begin? Just tell us in which month you are celebrating, and we’ll design a gorgeous custom arrangement just for you. This year, give flowers that express all the rarity of their special birthstone – give a gift from Breen’s Florist. We deliver across Houston – and we’ll deliver right to you.