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Posted by Breens Florist on April 19, 2016 | Last Updated: May 24, 2021 Blog

The Best Way to Celebrate Administrative Professionals Week

administrative professionalsSince the WWII era, Administrative Professionals Day has been celebrated in America and around the world. This year the observance falls on April 27th and is the perfect time to show these irreplaceable employees that their hard work is truly appreciated. A recent online poll asked administrative professionals to identify additional responsibilities they carried that were not part of the normal job description. This led to a wide range of surprising answers – such as accounting, human resources director, and even concierge. Some even listed “miracle worker” as part of their answer; is there any wonder we rely so heavily on these colleagues?

Another surprising outcome of the survey was the fact that about two-thirds of company employees consider the administrative personnel to be even more important to the daily functionality of the business than the owner or boss. Certainly, these people have been given a great amount of responsibility – and for that, they should be shown the proper appreciation. This month, join Breen’s Florist in finding beautiful ways to honor them for their contributions.

administrative professionals administrative professionals

Every office environment is different. If you have a sleek, modern space, consider sending an elegant orchid. Or perhaps your company is comfortable and friendly, and a large bouquet of wildflowers would perfectly fit the d├ęcor. Succulent gardens are unique and innovative arrangements that any professional atmosphere will benefit from; these beautiful plants bring a calm and beautiful sense of nature to the space.

Over time, we have stopped viewing these skilled workers as mere secretaries and realize their skill in technology, multi-tasking, coordinating schedules and interfacing with our clients. Administrative professionals are an important part of our organizations and our Houston economy. Don’t let their talent and loyalty be overlooked this April. Call Breen’s Florist today and schedule your delivery.