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Posted by Breens Florist on April 27, 2015 | Last Updated: October 20, 2022 Blog

Best Mother’s Day Flowers

Mother's DayWhen you were a child, you showed your mother your love with a handful of fresh picked dandelions. Today, show your love in a more sophisticated way with a beautifully arranged bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day. With the help of Breen’s Florist, you can deliver a symbol of your love and thankfulness for your mother easily.

The History of Mother’s Day

Honoring mothers and motherhood is an ancient tradition, and countries throughout the world have celebrations and days dedicated to moms. The modern American Mother’s Day was created by Anna Jarvis in 1908. After Anna’s mom died, she began a campaign to have a day set aside to honor moms and the sacrifices they make for their children. She argued that most modern holidays were centered on men, and that women needed a day to be celebrated for their most valued achievement – motherhood. The country caught on quickly, and it became an official U.S. holiday in 1914.

Most years, Mother’s Day will be held the second Sunday in May. It’s the modern tradition to present moms with flowers, cards and gifts on this day. Adults will give Mother’s Day gifts both to their own mothers, and to the mothers of their children. Sometimes people will give Mother’s Day gifts to other moms they know but are not necessarily related to.

Mother’s Day Options from Breen’s Florist

Most moms love the sentimentality and beauty of floral arrangements. For this reason, flowers are a traditional Mother’s Day gift. Breen’s Florist has several options you can use to honor your own mother, and we will gladly deliver them to any moms and women living in the greater Houston area.

Sweet Twilight is a popular option for Mother’s Day. The purple and pink roses and other flowers in this arrangement capture the beauty of moms. The arrangement features Breen’s Florist’s signature Twilight roses, which have a sweet fragrance.

Mother's Day

Sweet Twilight

Live plants are another great choice for Mother’s Day. We will gladly send her a beautiful live blooming plant decorated with a bird’s nest. This gift will continue blooming well past Mother’s Day, serving as a long-term remembrance of your love and thankfulness.

Mother's Day

Blooming Plants

As you prepare for Mother’s Day, make your gift-giving easy with the help of Breen’s Florist. Browse our arrangements today to find one that will complete your gift-giving needs.