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Posted by Breens Florist on June 16, 2016 | Last Updated: May 24, 2021 Blog

Beautiful and Vibrant Summer Flowers

summer flowersSummer is known for long days of sunshine; that extends well into the evening hours. The air is hot, and the storms come up quickly but depart after cooling things off. Kids are on vacation, and many of us are enjoying reduced hours for the season. Although we no longer have the luxury of a summer break, there is no denying that summer just feels different – there is an air of carefree leisure, of relaxed good times and an anticipation of times spent with family and friends.

summer flowersFlowers are a part of the ambiance of summer. Gardens are bursting with color and meadows are overflowing with a carpet of wild blooms. There is no better way to make your picnic or barbecue exude that summer vibe than to add fresh cut sunflowers, which are emblematic of these fun-filled months. With the color of sunshine and the most cheerful disposition of all the blossoms, these summer flowers are a great addition to your dinner table. Place sunflowers on your windowsill and watch them follow the sun across the sky, or add hydrangea and roses for a bouquet that showcases the spirit of summertime.

summer flowersOne of the things we love about summer is all the bright colors! From the evening skies to the clothing in our closets – there is nothing gray, boring or dingy about summer vacation! Vivid oranges, vibrant yellows, and shocking pinks are the hues that represent this time of the year, as do gerbera daisies, zinnias and marigolds. If you want to bring the light, breezy, and fun excitement of summer into your home, stop into Breen’s Florist and speak to our expert floral designers about which summer flowers of the season will best match your home décor.