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Posted by Breens Florist on June 29, 2017 | Last Updated: May 24, 2021 Blog

Appropriate Flowers for Butterfly Gardens

butterfly gardens

A summer garden is never complete until the butterflies arrive. They bring a fanciful feel to any flowerbed or yard, and there are particular flowers which you can add to your landscape to guarantee a visit from these delicate creatures. The floral experts at Breen’s Florist are here to help you find the right variety of blooms for your own personal butterfly gardens.A butterfly garden is simply an area which provides flowers that will attract butterflies. Butterflies love many different flowers, so choosing the right ones can also be about style and color. If you include flowers and plants that caterpillars love, too, like violets and milkweed, you will encourage butterflies to live in your yard for a long time.

Besides sunshine, open spaces and plenty of fresh water, butterflies love nectar. Some excellent sources of nectar are coneflowers, goldenrod (solidago) and brightly colored asters. These grow best when planted in mid to late summer, creating a home for your butterflies well into fall.
butterfly gardens Our Summer Fun design, featured above, includes bright sunflowers-  another favorite for butterfly gardens. Place on a porch table or windowsill and enjoy your fluttering visitors all season!

If you’re not into gardening, or simply don’t have the space, you can still have butterflies visit your outdoor space! Many beautiful floral arrangements include flowers attractive to butterflies. Set a basket or vase full of bright blossoms on your porch or picnic table to create an inviting feast for local butterflies.

More Flowers Butterflies Can’t Resist: Cosmos, butterfly bush, delphinium, lavender, marigold, zinnias, and daisies.

Choosing just the right flowers to create butterfly gardens of your own can be a lot of fun. If you’re not sure where to start, the floral experts at Breen’s Florist can help you choose the perfect arrangement. You can also talk to us about designing your own custom butterfly garden, perfect for Houston’s weather and temperatures. Give us a call or shop our collection of bright blooms to start enticing your own butterflies today!