Sending Valentine’s Flowers to Everyone You Love

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Valentine's flowers

Valentine’s Day is most often considered a day only for romance. However, after nearly 75 years creating beautiful florals for this special holiday, the expert designers at Breen’s Florist understand that the day entails so much more than just romantic love. In fact, Valentine’s Day affords us a unique opportunity to tell everyone in our life just how important they are to us. Each of us has many people that enhance our life in so many wonderful ways. This year, celebrate all of the love and affection with spectacular custom Valentine flowers and arrangements as amazing as they are.

You may be grown up, out of the house and raising a family of your own – but your mother is still your best girl. No one will ever adore, defend and look out for you like she will – so this February 14th, make sure she knows just how much you appreciate her. 

valentine's flowers

Throughout your childhood, your grandmother was your best friend and your secret keeper. She listened to everything you said with eager interest, laughed at your jokes, and always had something delicious to feed you. Show her that you remember all of her love and her hugs with a stunning floral design that conveys the special affection you share.

She is so much more than a co-worker. She has been a mentor, a cheerleader, and someone who always had your back as you worked your way up the corporate ladder. Whether a partner, assistant or colleague, you’ll never forget everything that she has helped you to achieve – so why not tell her?

Valentine's flowers

Over the years, your sister has become more like your closest friend. From fun-filled adventures over summer vacation to coffee dates and shopping sprees, no one is more reliable and true than your sister. And these gorgeous florals are guaranteed to let her know that she is irreplaceable in your life. Valentine's flowers On Valentine’s Day, millions of people across Houston will look for ways to express their love and devotion. Don’t settle for less – imagine the smiles on the faces of your loved ones when you take this opportunity to celebrate your relationship with some of the most amazing flowers they have ever seen. At Breen’s Florist, we are privileged to play a role in designing for all of the fantastic people in your life.



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