Breens – April Daisies

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Every month of the calendar year has its’ own official flower, chosen for how that flower represents the sentiment of the season. In April, the honor goes to the daisy, as well it should. Perhaps no other flower better evokes feelings of carefree springtime than this iconic white and yellow bloom.

daisiesThe daisy has been popular in culture for millennia – Egyptian pottery, Grecian household items and Medieval paintings have all revealed depictions of the daisy. In Victorian times, the daisy was sent in order to communicate trust and loyalty; in today’s culture, the daisy represents simplicity and childhood innocence.

The Asteraceae family of flowers – derived from the word for “star” – is one of the largest families in the plant world. Nearly 10% of the flowering plants in existence are related to the daisy; sunflowers, dahlia, marigolds, asters and mums are all cousins. Also associated with the daisies, which are edible, are some popular herbs (echinacea, chamomile) and other edible plants such as lettuce and artichokes. Because the daisy leaves are high in vitamin C, they are also used for medicinal purposes such as treating coughs, colds and aches.


Springtime in Houston is something to be celebrated! Keeping with April’s honorary flower, you can also choose the lighthearted gerbera daisy. Gerberas are the show-offs of the daisy family – these popular flowers exhibit bright, vivid and beautiful colors that make stunning bouquets. The flowers grow in neon pinks and oranges, sometimes even exhibiting several hues in the same flower. These daisies are a perfect choice for a birthday bouquet, bringing life to the party! Whether you love the iconic white and yellow daisy; or prefer a burst of color, Breen’s Florist has the flowers that will deliver your emotions and well wishes to your family and friends.



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