Best Summer Birthday Flowers!

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summer birthdayPeople naturally spend most of their free time outside during the summer. That’s why Texans are so fond out outdoor living spaces. Since people spend a lot of their time outside, active lifestyles makes it easy to forget about the summer birthdays of their friends and family members. Our staff at Breen’s Florist wants to help you remember those important summer birthdays, and we’re eager to help you choose the perfect gift for a man or woman.

In case you’re at a loss as to what to give someone whose birthday is this month, or in August, we’ve come up with some ideas that we are sure will be a big hit with any summer birthday recipient.

No Houstonian relishes the prospect of a hurricane – if it comes from the Gulf of Mexico. Our Hurricane floral arrangement is sure to be a hit with any birthday recipient. This arrangement transforms any space into an exotic tropical oasis. We combine birds of paradise with tropical ginger, Protea, Cymbidium and Dendrobium orchids, and an assortment of greens. We accent the bouquet with seashells, which drive home the beach and tropical vibe or entire design.

summer birthday


Knock someone’s socks off with our lavish Carousel arrangement. Birds of Paradise tower over pink spray roses, stargazer lilies, larkspur, viberium, fragrant stock, snapdragons, forsythia, and bulperium. This lush arrangement is packed full of drama and color. It’s sure to make a huge statement and let a birthday man or woman, know how much you love him or her.

summer birthday


Nothing says sophistication like our Orchid Majesty arrangement. We fill a tall square glass vase with 25 Dendrobium regal deep purple orchid stems. We accent the arrangement with strategically placed purple decorative butterflies.

summer birthday

Orchid Majesty

Flowers are the perfect summer birthday gift when you want to give someone something different, but truly special. Let us help you choose a flower arrangement that will ensure that your recipient feels extra special on their birthday.Birthday celebrations aren’t just for kids: grownups enjoy the thrill of getting presents and having people remember their birthdays just as much as children.




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