Summer Flowers: Inspirations

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summer flowersThere are many ways to enjoy the long and lazy days of summer. For some people, summer is a great opportunity to curl up in the hammock with a good book. Here at Breen’s Florist, we have combined two of summer’s favorite things to create our Summer Floral Collection, inspired by great literature and beautiful seasonal flowers. Summer blooms contribute vibrant color, while enduring heat and thriving with only minimum tending. Summertime arrangements exude beauty, magnificence, a spectrum of hues and a bouquet of fragrance.

summer flowers

Three Day Summer

As you read Three Day Summer by Sarvenaz Tash, you could be inspired by our arrangement of the same name. While the story tells of unexpected summer young love and adventure, a triad of vases exhibit colorful whimsy. Lilies, lisianthus and gerbera daisies are entwined together, symbolizing refined beauty, a deep romantic attachment and hopeful cheerfulness. What a perfect arrangement for this summer book of young romance.

summer flowers

The Great Gatsby

Or perhaps you prefer your reading – and your floral arrangements – a little more classic and extravagant. Inspired by The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, this arrangement of summer Roseberry roses, tinted hydrangea and calla lilies are designed to be reminiscent of the opulent setting of the very rich; representing heartfelt emotion, romance and magnificent beauty. This lush bouquet is ritzy and classy, and is the perfect adornment for your summer party table.

summer flowers

Circling the Sun


The quintessential summer floral bouquet just may be Circling the Sun, inspired by Paula McClain’s followup to her first novel. This brilliant sunburst of color is achieved with a beautiful balance of yellow roses, sunflowers, and pin cushion proteas. The novel is set in Kenya against a backdrop of wild nature; if this arrangement doesn’t inspire you get out in the sunshine, nothing will! Set off in a classic black container, it brings the summer sunshine indoors as surely as the sunbeams streaming through the window.

Summer and flowers just naturally go together. Whether you follow our inspirations or choose your own arrangement of gorgeous summer florals, Breen’s Florist of Houston is the perfect place to celebrate the summer season! Call today or stop by one of our three area Breen’s Florist Shops.




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