Florals for Houston Weddings & Anniversaries

Houston weddingsThe cool wind of spring gives way to the warm early summer breezes in the glorious month of June. Is it any wonder that June is the most popular choice of brides when planning their big day? When it comes to Houston weddings, you won’t find more professional designs and beautiful arrangements than at Breen’s Florist.

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February Designated to Celebrate Weddings

weddingsWhen you think of the perfect month to celebrate weddings, what month comes to mind? According to the National Association of Bridal Consultants, National Wedding Month is February, a fact that may seem surprising to some. Across the country, winter is not the most popular time to host a wedding. Still, here at Breen’s Florist, we do think there are many valid reasons that this month is a great one to celebrate the institution.

Quick Trivia: There are approximately 2.4 million weddings annually – or an average of 6,200 ceremonies per day. That is a lot of wedding cake!
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Celebrating a Red Themed Wedding

thumbnail 4.59.56 PMWinter weddings are a fantastic time to use some bold, stunning colors to provide a beautiful backdrop to the couple. Red is the color of January, and serves as a wonderful choice for those who will be having their weddings during this month. Red can help providing a stunning contrast to the white that tends to be so prominent in the winter, particularly with the winter wonderland outside from any snow. Here are some wonderful ideas for couples looking to incorporate red into their wedding day plans.


Flowers can be used nearly anywhere in the wedding. Particularly in the winter, flowers can be a wonderful way to bring some of the light and life of the outdoors inside. Even though much of the country finds themselves stuck inside this time of year, the beauty of flowers can be used to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Use some bold red colors in the flowers selected. For example, a bouquet of stunning red flowers can be particularly appropriate. Red roses are often associated with passionate love, which can be very appropriate for a wedding.

Red flowers can also be used throughout the wedding and reception as decorations. Consider placing flowers around the chairs or pews where the guests will sit or using them on the tables in the reception hall.


Red tablecloths can help produce a beautiful impact and create a more formal atmosphere. Those who use red tablecloths can pair them with white flowers or other table centerpieces to provide contrast. Candles used in the centerpiece can help add to the formality and beauty of the event and can be an excellent choice for a red, winter wedding.

Bridesmaid dresses

Red can be a gorgeous color to complement the traditional white gown of the bride. Use red in the bridesmaid dresses to provide a stunning contrast to the bride and create almost a winter wonderland effect. Look for deep red dresses, particularly when looking to create a more formal or evening event. Lighter reds might be more appropriate for a less formal or daytime event.

Engaged couples looking for ways to dress up their winter nuptials should look for ways to incorporate the beautiful color of red into their decorations. Consider the above ideas and see how this gorgeous color might be able to create the intimate, lovely look the couple seeks. Browse flowers for some more ideas on our website Breen’s Florist.


Flowers for Your Holiday Wedding

Winter is a magical time of year for a wshutterstock_77685085edding. With the beautiful colors that are associated with the holidays and the festive time of year that gets everyone into a wonderful mood, it is the perfect season to celebrate love and commitment. Those planning weddings during this season often have a unique set of decoration challenges to face. Those who love the beautiful outdoors often cannot have an outdoor reception, and even taking pictures outside can sometimes be a challenge. Fortunately, by using fresh flowers, these couples can bring the beauty of the outdoors inside. Using the colors and flowers of this time of year is a fantastic way to create a stunning holiday weddzoom_617276542136c7d03a61b13071133430ing.

Table arrangements

Lighten up the reception hall by using fresh flowers on the tables for the guests. People often associate the New Year with gorgeous white flowers, such as lilies. Use these flowers to call upon the holiday associations of renewal and a fresh beginning by placing small arrangements of lilies and white hydrangea on each table. The colors will perfectly match the holiday theme, the season, and just about any other colors the couple wanted to use in the reception all. Their gentle elegance will look stunning.

Decorating the wedding venue

No matter where the wedding ceremony itself is taking place, have the area look amazing by using some gorgeous reds and whites. These beautiful colors call to mind the joy of Christmas as well as the beloved atmosphere of winter. Using red roses in the arrangements can be the perfect way to include the traditional symbols of love, and they will be perfectly complemented by the white hydrangea. Adding in a few white-capped pine cones will incorporate the winter and seasonal theme as well.

The bridal bouzoom_83628360481718905762c13071121639quet

Most brides seek a beautiful bouquet that will perfectly complement their dress, bringing their wedding colors and theme to the forefront without taking attention away from the bride herself. Use deep red, stunning roses to represent the deep love between the couple along with white lilies to provide a perfect contrast. This bouquet will offer elegance and will fit perfectly with a winter wedding theme.

Winter weddings offer opportunities to use some beautiful holiday colors to call to mind the festive spirits of the season. Using these elegant colors will make any wedding look absolutely gorgeous. Consider the above flower ideas and use Breen’s Florist to get started planning the flowers for the next winter wedding.